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Grid solar window screens for Residential homes in Austin Texas.

When it comes to patterned grid solar window screens, we can make them to match the grid patterns of your windows or we can design unique grid patterns.

This house is my own house in Central/North Austin at Steck and Mopac.

We just recently (Oct 2023) replaced all of our windows with top-notch aluminum framed custom-made windows. We sourced the windows through Paradigmn Glass in North Austin at 183/Burnet Rd. Very nice and very sturdy thermal insulated custom-made aluminum windows, not vinyl. These aluminum windows have 3/4-in thick IGUs. They are super well made and super strong.

Three grid pattern solar window screens for three windows.
Three windows are covered with custom-designed grid-pattern solar screens.

I then covered up the windows with my mocha brown solar screen fabric and custom-designed all of these grid patterns.

These grid pattern solar screens are not complicated.
Simple grid pattern solar screen design.

As you can tell by my home, I have an artistic side to me. I didn't want to custom-make grid pattern solar screens with a grid pattern that was just blah. I wanted something unique and different. Yet simple and elegant. My house already has so much going on artistic-wise, I didn't want to try to compete with that by using really busy patterned grids.

I can Custom Design grid patterns for your windows as well.
I personally custom-designed these grid patterns.

The small screen to the left here simply just has one horizontal grid on it.

The screen to the right has one horizontal grid and then two vertical grids all equally positioned at 6 in just from the outer framed edges.

I can make my custom grid solar screens to be identical to your windows or artistically different.
We can make grid patterns to replicate the grids within your windows. Or we can custom-make them to be unique.

We can even make grid pattern screens to follow the curvature of an arched window.

We can make very complex grid-patterned solar screens all at the same flat rate grid pattern price.

I like grid patterns that are not busy the best. That is my personal opinion.
Grid patterns do not have to be busy to look good. I personally like non-busy patterns the best.

We can make our grid pattern solar screens out of any color of solar screen fabric and solar screen framing. Typically we like to match the solar screen framing with the color of your window framing, but sometimes we can use a different color of framing to really dress your house up.

For vidual examples, visit my extensive installed solar window screen pictures page to see hundreds of installations we have done over the years.

You can save money by doing something simple like this and just using one grid bar.
These smaller screens just having one grid bar do not have an additional cost.

I didn't want to make the small solar screens too busy with too many grid lines. So I stuck with three grid lines for the bigger solar screens and just one horizontal line for the smaller screens. I felt like doing the screens this way made them look elegant, simple, and clean looking. Not busy looking.

Upgraded grid pattern pricing as affordable.
Check out my pricing to see what the upgrade cost is for solar window screen grid patterns.

That mocha brown fabric color really goes well with the brown metal accents and decor around this home.

A home can look good with grid pattern solar screens versus non-grid pattern screens.
Grid patterns can really dress up a property.

These grid pattern solar screens look good on this Austin TX house.

You do not need grid work for all of your windows.
Grid patterns are not needed for all of the windows of a home. Typically people just put grid patterns on their front windows.

For continuity, we did a grid pattern for each and every window on this house. That is not necessary for all homes. For this house, we did feel grid patterns were necessary for every screen. The exterior of this home all the way around is so well done that we felt like we would be cutting corners if we did not put grid patterns on all of the windows.

The solar window screens with grid patterns can also be used for multifamily installations.
Apartment complex window screen installations can get grid patterns as well.

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