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Solar shades for commercial buildings Austin Texas

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Affordable, super well made solar shades for commercial buildings installed in the Austin Texas area.

My custom-made, made here in Austin Texas, indoor commercial window sun shades are built to last. Most of the components that I use to make my interior commercial window shades are that of the same I use to make my exterior patio roller shades. I do not use any kind of plastic bead chains. I only use stainless steel pull chains. My roll shade clutches are extremely heavy-duty and designed to last.

The project manager for this property wanted their new commercial solar shades to be evenly spaced
97% Beige evenly spaced (installed) solar shades

The project manager for this project wanted all of their interior solar Shades to be evenly spaced. For uniformity they wanted each of the shades to be the same size.

The bottom of these windows are frosted, so the building owner only wanted the solar shades to drop to that frosted window area.
10" wide Grey 97% 99" drop commercial solar shades

I can manufacture my interior commercial solar shades up to 16' in width with an 85-in drop. You do not need to buy one roller shade for each window. We could save you money drastically by manufacturing larger shades to cover multiple windows. For most commercial roll shade installers out there this is harder because they have to pay steep shipping cost for larger shades. We manufacture our Shades right here in Austin so we don't have to deal with freight cost. Those savings we pass directly on to you.

We used our Beige 97% shade fabric to make these commercial solar shades
Fully renovated space at I35 and 45 got all new solar shades

The project manager for this installation was blown away at my inexpensive pricing. He happened to have told me that we were the most cost-effective contractor he has had on this project. He told us we are his go-to company now on for roller shades.

The project manager was shocked when he got my inexpensive estimate for this project.
Beige 97% commercial solar shades installed at a VERY affordable price.

There are plenty of companies and contractors out there that use my interior commercial roller shades to install themselves. For this reason, we have a 24/7 pickup room where we make our roller shades for self-installation. We offer my DIY commercial interior roller shades for sale here.

I currently do not offer a shipping option for my commercial roller shades. My commercial roller shades at this time are strictly for pickup only.

Very well made and durable commercial solar shades made here in Austin installed by the same guys that made them.  Josh Hobbs
Grey/white 97% commercial roller shades

For this project, we used the grey/white 97% solar shade fabric. All colors of our 97% Shades work the same. They all provide the same level of shade 97%.

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