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Solar Window Screens
Solar Window Screens

my 80% & 90%

Solar Window Screens will

"Stop the TX Heat"

At a Value that can't be Beat !

Reduce your electric bills with my solar screens

My Solar Screens for Windows can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your air-conditioning efficiency by shading your home's windows from the heat of the sun.

By shading your home's windows with our solar window shade screens, the sun's rays are not able to penetrate your windows, therefore the heat generated by the direct rays of the sun will no longer impact the interior of your home.  Additionally, and very importantly, a solar screen will provide shade for the glass itself of your home's windows, therefore eliminating your windows from getting hot {touch your glass now to see how hot it is}.  By keeping the windows themselves from getting hot, the significant transferring of heat from hot (heated-up) windows into your home will be eliminated.  

Improve A/C effeciency

With solar window screens shading your home's windows, you will eliminate the hot harmful sun's direct rays from entering your home through your windows.  And you will shade your windows from the sun keeping the windows from getting hot and turning into a huge problematic source of heat. My Austin Solar Screens for Windows are the answer to reduce the temperature within your home and lessen the load on your air-conditioner.  My Shade Screens for Austin TX Windows will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used to run your air-conditioning unit.  Using solar screens to shade windows from the hot Austin Texas Sun is not only a must; it is imperative.

Sun for Josh Hobbs customer reviews.
Read and Watch customer feedback and vid

I custom hand-make my top-quality solar window shade screens using a long-lasting PVC coated exterior fabric woven of extremely strong and durable polyester yarns.  We only use the industry's best  (highest-end) most robust Made in USA solar sun screen material.  Read our Solar Screen Guarantee.  There is not a stronger or better solar shade control screen material available, The fabric is manufactured in the U.S. and is pet and hail resistant, it's very strong.  The Twitchell Textilene sun shade fabric I use was designed specifically for HOT climates like ours to last in the hot Texas sun, and it is as durable and long-lasting of an exterior solar shade screen fabric as they come.  Our 80% and 90% fabric was designed and manufactured to last.  When you build solar window screens, you should only build them to last, which is what we do.  The uniform weave design allows for 'EXCELLENT' visibility from the inside of your home outward while offering outstanding daytime privacy from the outside of your home inward.  In our opinion, there is not a better solar window screen material available.

VIDEO: my Austin TX Solar Screens for Windows

↓ Watch this video for an introduction to my solar window screens Austin TX installation services. ↓

  • Solar Screens for Windows are a inimal up-front investment that will help reduce your energy costs.
  • Your house will stay much cooler with Solar Screens shading its windows, therefore your A/C will not have to work as hard.
  • The results are Reduced Electric Bills and Cooler oom Temperatures.

A Solar Screen

is like having a

shade tree in

front of your 
window without

blocking the view.

Solar screen fabric 80% vs 90%.

At  a  Value

that  can't  be  Beat,

my Solar Window Screens will

"Stop  the  Texas  Heat"

My sun screens are lkike having a shade tree.

Estimate your INSTALLED Solar Screen cost here . . it's EASY !

This is how I price a Solar Screen for a window.
My "Total" price includes Everything (Measuring, Assembly, Installation, and Sales-Tax).

To take advantage of my incredibly low installed solar window sun screen pricing, all that I ask from you is that you calculate your own estimate.  We can help with this of-course.  We have made solar screen estimating very easy.  Your estimate is strictly for you to get a quote, not for us to build our solar sun shade screens from.  We will come to your house to get our own precise solar screen build measurements once you have started an order below with a $50 deposit. 


For our DEEP 15%, 20% and 25% OFF Special Quantity Discounts, and to easily create your own estimate, please print our "Do it yourself Estimate Worksheet".  As you'll see, our WorkSheet is very easy to use.  All you need are the total Width and Height measurements in inches from all your windows added together and then multiplied by one of our Special Quantity Discounted prices.   Because this WorkSheet is strictly for the purpose of providing you an estimate, your measurements do not need to be accurate, just close.  Getting your estimate measurements is easy, you can do so from inside your home (rough measurements are all you need), there is no need for you to go outside.  For a quick visual illustration, please watch the below How To Video.  Tip : Most of your windows will be the same size.

Instantly create your estimate now.

 1) please print our ↓
(Word)   Do it yourself ESTIMATE WorkSheet   (PDF)
(Word)   This Month's 2023 Coupons   (PDF) 

2) and watch our quick How To video ↓

Question : Is there a way to get a quick    BALLPARK COST   for the solar window screens?  Can I get a quick rough estimate for what my out of pocket installed total cost will be? 

& Answer :  Absolutely, I developed the following calculator that will give you an estimated installed cost based on today's quantity discounts and this month's coupon offers. The following calculator is based on an average-sized window of 35"w X 60"h.  Using the 80% shade fabric as a base and offering an upgrade option to the 90% fabric.  See here the difference between the 80% and 90% solar screen fabric.  If you do not want solar screens for all of your opening windows and you have deteriorated (old) bug screens within those windows that you want to be replaced, this calculator gives you the option for replacement insect Bug Screens as well.  Each window takes its own screen.  if you have a set of side by side windows, that's two windows. 

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining how to use the following screen estimation calculator.

Minimum Order $430

Question : Can I get grid patterns on my solar window screens?  What are grid patterns for solar sun control shade screens for windows?  What is the additional cost for grid patterns?  

& Answer :  We have made getting Pricing for grid patterns EASY. To Upgrade any one of my new Austin solar window screens to a grid pattern, simply add $40 per upgrade.  A flat $40 will get any solar window screen that we make outfitted with a grid pattern.  We will follow the pattern on your front windows that currently have a grid pattern.  If they do not have a pattern, we can implement one for you.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explains using, what are, and the costs for grid patterns over residential windows.