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Bug Screens

As "Strong as they can be made"

for only $30ea

Very Strong Insect Bug Screens for Windo
Window screens to keep flying bugs out.

My installed Austin TX insect bug screens for windows are inexpensively priced at an installed cost of only $30ea and are by and far the STRONGEST replacement insect screens that one can make for windows. 

All of my installed Austin Texas Bug Insect Screens are now made using 1" Frame and a MUCH Heavier Duty Insect Screen fabric called Pool and Patio.  The Pool and Patio fabric has the same look and openness as the traditional fiber wire fabric that EVERYONE out there uses but is MUCH MUCH Stronger.  The heavy-duty pool and patio fabric is made to roll into patio enclosures, meant to withstand the abuse that a patio enclosure endures.  The pool and patio fabric looks the same as the traditional insect screen fiber wire fabric but is SOOOOOOO much tougher and more durable.  And, will last longer than the traditional insect screen fiber wire fabric.  

Installing insect bug screens over the years has taught me to make them as STRONG and durable as I can for longevity and so they continue to look good from taking them on and off.  I do not know of anyone out there in Austin TX that makes replacement window screens for bug protection as I do.  I make them to be durable and long-lasting.  That old insect bug screen fiber wire fabric EASILY tears.  The Pool and Patio fabric I use does NOT easily tear.  

Please watch the below video that explains the difference between our EXTREMELY heavy duty 1" bug screens, and those used everywhere else including by the window manufacturer's.  Our new 1" framed bug screens will not bend on you when you take them out, and they will not bow in from the sides, and the fabric will be and stay very tight (not wavy) over the years, versus that of the traditionally used 3/4" framed bug screens.  


Yes, we can make and install bug (insect) screens.  The flat-rate cost is $30 p/ screen when the following conditions are met, a) in addition to a minimum order solar screen project, or b) a minimum order of just bug screens.  A minimum order of just bug screens is that the first 11 bug screens run $430, then each bug screen after that is a flat $30ea.  Our flat rate bug screen pricing is for bug screens not to exceed 46" in width or 34" in height.  Bug screens are designed to fit into just the opening portion of your window with the intention of keeping flying insect screens from flying into your home.  Bug screens do not fit over the entire window, they are just for the opening portion of your window. 

How an insect screens installs into an Austin TX window.

VIDEO: Austin TX Insect Bug Screens for Windows

↓ Watch this video to better get a feel for my insect bug screens for windows↓

  • Heavy-Duty Construction, 1" Solar Framing, Miter Cut, no exposed plastic.
  • Pool and Patio EXTREMELY strong and long-lasting fabric. 
  • Get bug screens for windows that are made to last!
  • Inexpensively priced,  installed at $30 each after minimum order, you just caN't go wrong. 

Replacement Bug Screens

for Windows at Great Pricing!

Keep the

Flying Bugs out

of your home with 

my WELL MADE new

insect bug screens.

My bug screens keep out flying yellow jackets.
About my bug screens for windows
Installed Pricing

Price your INSTALLED insect bug screens for windows here

430 minimum order for 11 installed bug screens for windows.jpg

This is how I price my Installed Austin TX Bug Screens for Windows.
All that you need is a Total Qty of Bug Screens that you need.

Simple and Easy!

The $430 will get you "less than or equal" to 11 installed bug screens for the opening portion of your windows.   Bug screens are screens that are designed to keep the flying bugs out of your home.  Bug screens for windows are not designed ever to keep crawling bugs out of your home, no bug screen is.  They fit, as well as they can, to the limitation and design of your windows. My bug screens for Austin TX windows and are made as durable as they can be.  For frame strength, I use my heavy-duty 1" solar frame for the framing.  This makes the insect screen strong so it does not bend and keeps the fabric tight, so tight you can bounce a quarter off of the fabric.  All of my corners are miter cut, I do not use exposed plastic that will get brittle and break.  I now make all of my replacement bug screens out of a strong pool and patio fabric.  An insect screen fabric that is made for longevity and durability.  My replacement window screens are made to last.  And, they are currently cheaply priced at $30 ea.  If you need screens for your patio and already have a patio enclosure, you can get my solar shades for the patio that roll up and down to provide sun protection.  Or, if you have framed out a patio and now need the screens for a patio, get in touch and let's see if I can help you.  I do not repair window screens or patio screens, however, so if you need a screen repair service, that IS NOT something I can help you with.  I simply have my hands full taking care of new installations.  I do however offer a repair service for installations I did, however, because I make and install my screens so well, it is very rare I ever hear from previous customers requesting repair work. 

Question : Your $430 minimum order is for 11 bug screens, how much for less or more?

& Answer :  The $430 covers up to 11 installed bug screens for windows within my local service area for installed bug screens. For each bug screen over 11, the additional cost is only $30 each.  Keep in mind, this is pricing for insect bug screens, used for single hung windows, that fit into the opening portion of the window.  This is not pricing for bug screens that fit over the entire window aka double hung windows.  A bug screen that fits over the entire window (double-hung, opens from top and bottom) represents less than .01% of the residential windows in Austin Texas.

Question : What does the $430 Minimum Order include? 

& Answer :  (11) bug screens for windows installed within my insect bug screen Austin tx service area

The $430 total out of pocket cost includes

1) measure trip to the home to measure the windows
2) materials to make the insect bug screens
3) manufacturing to make the bug screens for windows
4) delivery to the home to deliver the window screens
5) labor to install the insect bug screens
6) sales-tax

Everything, there are no additional FEES

Question : Is there a way to get a quick Ballpark Cost for solar window screens and bug screens?  Can I get a quick rough estimate  for what my out of pocket installed total cost will be for both solar screens and insect bug screens?  

& Answer :  Absolutely, I developed the following calculator that will give you an estimated installed cost based on today's quantity discounts and this month's coupon offers. The following calculator is based on an average-sized window of 35"w X 60"h.  Using the 80% shade fabric as a base and offering an upgrade option to the 90% fabric.  See here the difference between the 80% and 90% solar screen fabric.  If you do not want solar screens for all of your opening windows and you have deteriorated (old) bug screens within those windows that you want to be replaced, this calculator gives you the option for replacement insect Bug Screens as well.  Each window takes its own screen.  If you have a set of side by side windows, that's two windows. 

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining how to use the following screen estimation calculator.

Minimum Order $430
My replacement screen pricing.


Minimum bug screen order
Ballpark cost for bug screens for windows

Click the Buy Now Button to initiate a $50 non-refundable measure deposit that will be deducted from your order.  Once we receive this deposit, we will email you a date that we will swing by your home to get precise build measurements for the new replacement insect bug screens for windows.  Our process does not require anyone to be home.  Our current route schedule will be displayed.  Once we get our build measurements, we will email you an order the next day to pay and approve along with an installation date (the installation does not require anyone to be home).  This entire process, from the time you submit your deposit to the day we install your new replacement bug screens is generally completed within 14 Days -two weeks-.  After you have submitted your measure deposit, please email us at with precise measure instructions, so we know what to measure.  And, if you need help with frame colors, choose "Help Me Choose" for the frame color option and we will leave behind our recommendations along with frame samples so that when you get home this will all be waiting there for you.  

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining starting an order for bug window screens.  From this point, what to expect.

Start your order for my Window Insect Bug Screens here

Start your order for my made to last and durable installed Bug Screens for Windows services Here !

$50 Measure Deposit

Question : How long does it take to get my insect screens for windows installed?  How soon can I get them?   

& Answer :  It's a two-week process.  Whether it is in the busy Summer season or when it is slower in the freezing colder months, it always takes two weeks from the day I measure your home.  The bug screens are custom hand made, each one is hand made for each window's specific build measurements.  And, I install within particular parts of town (ie North, West, East, South)  on specific days.  So, from the day I measure, I will be back out there installing exactly two weeks later on that same day of the week.

Question : Do we have to be here when you come by?  Can you measure my windows from the outside?   

& Answer :  No one needs to be home when I come by to measure for the bug screens.  I measure the windows for replacement insect screens from the outside of your windows, so there is no need to go inside. After you start your order you will be made aware of the day that I will swing by.  Make sure that a gate is unlocked for me and if you have an aggressive large dog, that the dog is put up that day. I can handle most dogs, but if it is one that is large and protective, it will need to be secured.  

Question : Is the $50 measure deposit refundable?

& Answer :  Not if the measure trip has been made.  But yes is it's a project I do not want to take on.  No, if you think these are full-sized insect screens and I've already been out there and measured the windows.  Yes, by all means, if it's a project that requires a special proprietary type of screen framing and hardware that I do not have access to.  I can easily supply 95% of the cities opening windows with my $25ea insect bug screens.  There's about 5% of windows out there using proprietary window attachment products that I do not use or have access to.

Start your order for my installed Austin TX Bug Screens for Windows here

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How long does it take to get my new insect bug screens
Do I have to be here when you come by to measure for the insect bug window screens
pricing for bug screns.png
Fabric color optins for the bug screens
Questions & Answers

Question : How big are your $30 insect bug screens for windows? 

& Answer :  Insect bug screens for windows fit into the opening portion of the window.  They DO NOT cover the entire window.  If your window opens up and down or side by side and only one part of your window opens, then you JUST need an insect screen for the opening portion of your window.  This makes up for at least 95% of the windows in Austin.  If your window opens from both sides, up and down, then call me and let's talk about your situation.  Or, if your window cranks open, while yes I can handle the bug insect screens for those, it involves entry into the home, that I'll take a pass on.  I do not do insect screens for crank out windows.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining what type and size of insect bug window screens the $30 price is for.

Question : What kind of bugs are the insect bug screens for windows designed to keep out? 

& Answer :  Insect bug screens for windows are designed to only keep FLYING insects out, they are not for crawling bugs.  The only way to keep crawling bugs out would be to silicone a bug screen in place all the way around the bug screen framing. Essentially sealing it with your window.  Doing so would make it very hard to ever remove that screen.  Alternatively, I guess you could find some kind of tape to tape around the screen.  Not stuff I do, or could be talked in to doing. The fabric should protect from most crawling bugs, but it is around the edges of the bug framing meeting against your window framing that can not be made to be sealed.  This is something that comes up a lot, which is why I like to address it upfront. It is impossible to get a 100% seal with something you just set into a window, that is not adhered to the window. 

Question  I only need a few replacement bug screens, can I get these from you to self install?

& Answer :  You can, order them from my DIY Screen website by visiting this page, DIY insect bug window screens rectangular shaped.  What you will want to do is clone an existing screen that you have by using the measurement from the one you have.  Look around the house and find that exact screen installed somewhere else.  Temporarily remove that screen and measure it.  This will give you a precise set of measurements to order your new insect bug screens for self-install.  On my DIY screen website are very thorough How To measure tutorials if you need help measuring.  

Question : What is your Austin TX bug and insect window screen installation area ? 

& Answer :  Our Austin Texas service area includes the following surrounding areas - Pflugerville Texas, Round Rock Texas, Hutto Texas, Georgetown TX, Leander TX, Cedar Park TX, Lakeway TX, Bee Caves Texas, Kyle, Buda and Manor Texas.  If you would like our installation service for Dripping Springs, Briarcliff, Spicewood, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Pointe Venture, Liberty Hill or Taylor please take a look at our service area map, to see what the additional cost would be to service your area.

Question : Can you make a sliding door using your strong pool and patio insect screen fabric?  Can you repair my sliding insect screen door?

& Answer :  Absolutely, I can make a new insect screen sliding door and the installed cost is $135 if it is part of a minimum order $430 installed job.  I do not offer just an installation service for only one sliding door, the $430 minimum order of solar screens, bug screens, roll shades, or any combination have to be met for that $135 installed price.  I do not repair old sliding doors, I do not repair any kind of screens.  I am strictly an installer of my products that are brand new.  

Question : Do you have fabric color options? 

& Answer :  No, the pool and patio fabric only comes in charcoal grey.  Insect fabrics only come in charcoal grey for all fabric manufacturers.  The fabric is woven of thin strands, so it would not make sense to try to make the fabric a color as you would not see that color very well.  The fabric color is the exact same as any window screen you see out there that comes from the window factory.    

Question : Are there color options for the framing?  

& Answer :  Yes, there are 5 different frame color options.  We will want to match the frame color of your windows. You do not want the bug screen framing to be a different color than your window framing as it would look odd.  Two different colors would look out of place. 

My insect bug screen framing colors.

Question : Why I make my insect bug screens for windows out of a heavy-duty 5/16" x 1" solar screen framing?

& Answer :  Doing so makes for an IMMENSELY stronger assembly.  With that flimsy 5/16" x 3/4" framing that everyone else makes their bug screens out of, they will bow and bend.  If you construct a 40" wide insect screen with that flimsy 3/4" framing, the frame will bow (curve) inward toward the center of the screen because the fabric will pull it.  It's inevitable.  I got tired of it years ago and then I started making all of my insect bug screens out of the same framing I make my solar window screens out of.  Plus, over the years you likely will not bend or crease this heavy-duty framing from taking them in and out of your windows like you for sure will with that flimsy lite weight bug screen 5/16" x 3/4" framing.  

Example of my 1" Bug Insect Screen Framing.

Question : Why do you make your insect bug screens out of a heavy-duty pool and patio fabric instead of just the basic fiber wire  fabric that everyone else uses?

& Answer :  The pool and patio fabric is SOoooOO MUCH stronger, considerably stronger, than the basic fiber wire fabric.  It's what I use to make large insect screens for pool and patio coverings with.  That basic fiber wire insect screen fabric tears SOOOOOOO easily.  Just from the simple task of taking insect screens in and out of my trailer that are rolled with that basic fiber wire fabric you have to be extra careful to not tear the fabric.  If a corner of another screen catches it, you can be assured that basic fiber wire fabric will tear.  Not with my strong pool and patio fabric.  Sure, you can tear it, but NOT remotely as easy as with the basic fiber wire insect screen fabric.  You can not tell the two apart either, they look the same.  The pool and patio fabric is a little bit thicker, but it's not obvious to the average eye so don't worry about them looking darker.  That pool and patio fabric will also last longer, so your screens will continue to look good much longer than the basic insect screen fiber wire constructed screens everyone else uses do.  Made to last!

Question : Can I get insect bug screens to fit my entire window?  Why do your insect bug screens only fit into the opening portion of the window?  Where I moved here from, we had screens that fit over the entire window, why don't yours?

& Answer :  The only time and reason that you would build an insect screen to fit over the entire window is if you have a window that opens from the top and bottom.  That both sides of the window open.  Here in Austin TX that is very rare, like really rare.  Windows down here just have one part of the window that opens.  Just one side that opens.  Therefore, just the opening portion of the window gets an insect bug screen.  If you have an older home that has a full-size screen on it now, that is a lite weight old solar screen you are seeing.  It is not an insect bug screen.  Don't be fooled, if both sides of the window do not open, and you have a full sized screen, you have an old faded solar screen.  The old 60% kind that was widely used in the 80's and 90's. 

Question : Do you make back patio enclosures?  Do you build enclosed patios and porches?  Will your screens work for a back patio?  

& Answer :  I do not build full screened-in enclosures.  I do not do the framing for a screen enclosure.  I sell my screens to many enclosed patio builders to self install.  Contact me and I can give you the name's of some that can either build an aluminum-framed or a cedar framed patio enclosure for you.  I source my well-made screens to the wood-framed enclosure builders for them to self-install.  If you have had the screened in patio built and framed and now just need the screens to be installed, I can install them for you, or you can source them yourself from my DIY Bug Screen store for pickups.  Here are some pictures of a patio that the contractor built that I installed my screens within.  If you have a project like this, text me 512-351-5762 pictures of it (like a lot) and the address for the project so I can get you pricing and to make sure it is something I can work with.  If the patio enclosure was built without stops to attach my bug screens too, it's not something I personally would attempt to try to install to.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining how I can help you with insect bug screens for your patio enclosures.