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Solar Window Screens - Pricing
Pricing my Austin Texas solar screens is easy.
DIY Estimate WorkSheet

Estimate your INSTALLED Solar Screen cost here . . it's EASY !

Austin TX Solar Screen Pricing Structure.  How I price my installed solar screens for windows.

This is how I price a Solar Screen for a window.
My "Total" price includes Everything (Measuring, Assembly, Installation, and Sales-Tax).

To take advantage of my incredibly low installed solar screen pricing, all that I ask from you is that you calculate your own estimate.  We can help with this of-course.  We have made solar screen estimating very easy.  Your estimate is strictly for you to get a quote, not for us to build our solar screens from.  We will come to your house to get our own precise solar screen build measurements once you have started an order below with a $50 deposit. 


For our DEEP 15%, 20% and 25% OFF Special Quantity Discounts, and to easily create your own estimate, please print our "Do it yourself Estimate Worksheet".  As you'll see, our WorkSheet is very easy to use.  All you need are the total Width and Height measurements in inches from all your windows added together and then multiplied by one of our Special Quantity Discounted prices.   Because this WorkSheet is strictly for the purpose of providing you an estimate, your measurements do not need to be accurate, just close.  Getting your estimate measurements is easy, you can do so from inside your home (rough measurements are all you need), there is no need for you to go outside.  For a quick visual illustration, please watch the below How To Video.  Tip : Most of your windows will be the same size.

Get an estimate for your solar screen project here fast!

 1) please print our ↓
(Word)   Do it yourself ESTIMATE WorkSheet   (PDF)
(Word)   This Month's 2024 Coupons   (PDF) 

2) and watch our quick How To video ↓

Solar Window Screen Monthly Coupons.gif

Question : Is there a way to get a quick    BALLPARK COST   for the solar window screens?  Can I get a quick rough estimate for what my out of pocket installed total cost will be? 

& Answer :  Absolutely, I developed the following calculator that will give you an estimated installed cost based on today's quantity discounts and this month's coupon offers. The following calculator is based on an average-sized window of 35"w X 60"h.  Using the 80% shade fabric as a base and offering an upgrade option to the 90% fabric.  See here the difference between the 80% and 90% solar screen fabric.  If you do not want solar screens for all of your opening windows and you have deteriorated (old) bug screens within those windows that you want to be replaced, this calculator gives you the option for replacement insect Bug Screens as well.  Each window takes its own sun screen.  if you have a set of side by side windows, that's two windows. 

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining how to use the following screen estimation calculator.

Minimum Order $430

Question : Can I get grid patterns on my solar window screens?  What are grid patterns for solar screens?  What is the additional cost for grid patterns?  

& Answer :  We have made getting Pricing for grid patterns EASY. To Upgrade any of my new Austin TX solar screens to a grid pattern, simply add $40 per upgrade.  A flat $40 will get any solar window screen that we make outfitted with a grid pattern.  We will follow the pattern on your front windows that currently have a grid pattern.  If the windows on your home do not have a pattern, I can implement one for you.

& my Video Answer :  In this video answer of mine, I explain grid patterns.  Why you would want them and all questions about them.  To include pricing, shapes, types, what sides of the home to put them on.

Pricing for my Austin Texas solar screens.



QUICK Ballpark Cost
Grid Patterns
Getting a ballpark cost for my installed solar screens.

it's so



Start your order

1.)  Now that you have Estimated your cost using our estimate worksheet,

2.)  and you have selected your Color Combination,

3.)  you are ready to start an order.

Please select your Screen and Frame Color or choose Help Me Choose and Josh will make color recommendations.  


Click the Buy Now button to initiate a $50 non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from your completed order.  


You will then be taken to a page that will ask for measure instructions and will in detail explain the entire process to include Josh's current Residential route schedule.  

Once we receive this deposit, we will within 24 hours email you the day Josh will shoot by your home to measure the windows.  No one needs to be home when Josh comes by.

When he sees the home he will evaluate for color recommendations.  And, he will evaluate the home using a compass to determine what windows he recommends to get the 90% fabric, and which windows to get the 80% fabric.  On his recommendation sheet that he leaves behind will have all of these recommendations in order of preference.

Along with this thorough recommendation sheet, he will also leave fabric and frame samples in 80% and 90% for all of the recommendations that he makes.  When you get home from work all of this will be waiting for you at your front door.  

The next day we will email you an order which will in detail itemize everything, including the window measurements, what windows the order is for identified by side of home and size of screen that will be used.  What windows will get the 80% and 90% fabrics.  And an install date that will be for within 14 days -two weeks-.  No one needs to be home for the installation.  Josh never misses his installation dates, the date on the order is one you can 100% count on. 

This non-refundable $50 measure deposit is deducted from the order we email you over, but not refundable if you do not put the order through.  It is cancelable if done before the measure trip is performed. 

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explains how to get your residential solar screen order started.

We made ordering Solar Screens Hassle-Free and Easy !

Start your installed solar screen order Now!

Minimum Order :  

Any size 80% Fabric order of 613” or less is a flat installed rate of $430, plus 90% fabric upgrade costs at $7ea for each 

80% solar screen you want to upgrade to the 90% fabric and $20 for each arch solar screen f you have arches.

For a clear understanding of my installed solar screen pricing, please be sure to review my

Do it yourself Estimate Worksheet". 

VIDEO: Starting your order Questions ANSWERED here
↓ Watch this video to answer any questions you may have regarding starting your solar screen order. ↓ 

Question : Are there some solar screen projects that you won't take on ?    If so, is the $50 deposit refundable

& Answer :  Yes and Yes.  While it is very rare, I would say about 1 out of every 200 projects.  Occasionally we will come across that home or commercial building that have windows that are too difficult to get to or are simply not conducive for us to mount solar screens on.  Such instances would be picture windows that are 10' wide by 7' tall, windows that require walking on wood, clay or cement shingled roofs, or windows that are beyond 30' in the air (like 3rd floor residential, commercial and loft buildings).  We do not commit ourselves by means of the deposit.  Final discretion is left up to us and if we choose to not take on your project we will by all means refund you the $50 deposit and discuss with you what we think some viable recommendations to you would be.   If you have a situation like what we have described, please give us a call before you process the $50 deposit so that we can discuss your job first over the telephone.  We can easily determine this by pictures texted or emailed to us from your mobile phone.

Start your solar window screen order.
$50 Measure Deposit

Start your order for my installed solar window screens here . . . easy as 1..2..3

Is the measure deposit refundable?
Q&A's about Pricing

Question : Do you take on small jobs, will you take on a one or two window (solar screen) project?  I just want to put solar screens over 2 or 3 windows of my home, will you take on a small project like this?

& Answer :  Yes, Any size 80% Fabric order of 613” or less is a flat installed rate of $430, plus 90% fabric upgrade costs at $7ea for each 80% solar screen you want to upgrade to the 90% fabric and $20 for each arch if you have arches.  Please see our "Do it yourself Estimate Worksheet" for a clear illustration of our installed pricing.   Or, enter the count of windows you want the outdoor solar screens for into our Solar Screen Pricing Calculator for a quick estimated installed cost. 

Question : How does the Quantity Discounted Pricing work?  Does the Quantity Discounted Pricing apply to multiple orders over time, or is it for just one order at a time?  Can I combine multiple orders over a period of time to get deeper or the same discounts?  What if I leave a window or two off after you have measured or installed and I want to add them later, how is the pricing for those windows accounted for? 

& Answer :  Our Quantity Discounted Pricing is per order based.  The quantity discounted pricing includes one measuring trip, one installation trip, materials, manufacturing (assembly), installation labor, installation materials, and sales-tax (everything to make a complete order).  Our published pricing includes two trips, one to measure and one to install, any additional trips have an additional trip cost.  It is important that when you start your order that you know what windows you want us to measure because if we have to make a 2nd measuring trip, there is a $75 cost for that 2nd measuring trip.  Our additional trip costs are $75 to measure and $125 to install.  If you process an order for screens and at a later date decide that you want more screens, that is considered a separate order, and the pricing for those screens will be appropriately based for the quantity of that order.  If you just want one screen and we do not have the measurements on file for that one screen, the non-quantity discounted price is $.82/inch and the trip costs would be $75 to measure and $125 to install.  If your 2nd order is over 613" then our standard quantity discounted pricing applies. We strongly recommend that when placing an order that you not leave any windows off that you are unsure about, as it has been our experience that when people do this, and once they have their new Austin TX solar screens installed, that it is then that they decide they want to add those windows, and the cost is considerably different than if they had chosen to put the screens on as part of their original order when their pricing was quantity discounted.

Question : Your pricing is very low compared to your competitors, is there something I should be worried about ?   Low pricing doesn't necessarily mean a great value. 

& Answer :  That's right, I know all about shady operators out there that work out of their trucks that base their entire sales-pitch about being a few dollars less than me.  And I mean just a few dollars, it's never a considerable dollar difference, never worth the gamble. The primary reasons why we are so inexpensive is that we do all the work ourselves, that we are extremely efficient at what we do and our buying power enables us to get great pricing on materials.  These savings we pass on to you in form of our inexpensively installed solar screen pricing.  We are a legitimate Texas Incorporated Company since 1991, we are not some fly by night operation that works out of his residence and/or truck that goes around trying to sell people based on being a few trivial dollars cheaper than a legitimate entity like my company. We are an established Texas Corporation vetted by the State of Texas and other Texas Government Municipalities like Round Rock, Cedar Park and Travis County to name a few.  Our pricing is VERY-VERY low, as I do all the work myself with my helper to help keep the costs down. I work hard to keep my costs down so that I can give you a great product installed by myself at minimal pricing.  We openly publish our installed pricing and we never try to raise it on you, what you see published is what you get. There is a down side to this, and that is that these folks that work out of their trucks, operators that don't do a legal payroll, properly file monthly or yearly returns with the state, that don't file income taxes and on and on, those that try to do this and a whole host of other things, have our pricing to look at.  If you come across someone that is trying to sell you solar screens, and they are undercutting our pricing, BEWARE, as I know the folks out there that do good work and their pricing is much higher than mine.  The savings that someone like this may offer, try to sell you on, will be minimal, and you for sure will be running the risk of getting a horrible product and installation.  I see all over town bad installations, Austin solar screen jobs that make me want to cringe.  I see everywhere solar screens that don't fit correctly that are made with the likes of inferior bug screen framing and cheap fabrics, screens that are wavy, screens that are too short, screens that are installed wrong and with the likes of plastic materials.  It makes me so sad when I see these installations and I see them everywhere, all the time.  People that act like they know what they are doing, yet provide a horrible finished product. My motto is "Why gamble with the rest, when you can be guaranteed the best with". My installed solar window screen pricing is so good, that I don't see a reason to gamble with anyone else.  I 100% do Solar Window Screens, I do not try to do this and a whole host of other things, I don't claim to do this and everything else.  This is what I do, what I specialize in and what I am really good at.  Over the past 17 years, I have installed my solar screens on the windows of well over 5,000 homes in the Austin area.  I have tens of thousands of multi family solar window screens out there on apartment buildings' windows.   This is what you call experience !! 

Question : If I have side-by-side windows (windows that are installed next to each other, fitted together), will you mount one solar screen over all of them, or will you build one solar screen for each window?

& Answer :  We will build and install a solar screen for each window.  Each window takes its own solar screen.  In rare cases of non-opening windows like when there is a rectangular non-opening window with a ½ circle window above it, we can build one large solar screen to fit over the two of them together.   Watch this video, as once you do, you will have a clear understanding of how we install our solar screens on side-by-side windows.  If you have multiple side by side windows that you want one big solar screen for, you WILL lose bug protection.  With one big screen, you will not be able to fit the screen framing flush around the windows, so you will get gapping, thus will lose bug protection.   

& my Video Answer :  Here me explain how and why the solar screens install one per window.

Side by side windows taking two solar screens.
Side by side arched solar window screens.
Side by side windows half circle 4 windows.
Side by side window solar sun shade screens.

Question : I need help picking a color combination, does this mean I need to be home when you come by to measure?  Is it better for me to be home when you come by?  Do I or someone need to be home when you come by to measure or when you come by to install the new Austin Texas solar screens?

& Answer :  No, no one needs to be home when we come by to measure your windows, nor when we come by to install your new solar screens.  When you start your solar window screen order (above) or on our main page with the $50 measuring deposit you will be asked to tell us what windows you want the screens for, simply be as descriptive as possible and be sure to tell us by sides of the home.  For example, you may want "All Windows", "All Windows minus back patio door", "All Left and Right", "All Back minus 3 under patio".  What does not work for us is telling what windows to measure by room, as we are on the outside of the home and we do not know what windows belong to what rooms.  Instruction like all windows on the back of the home except my daughter's room does not help us. However, if we get instructions like this, or any instructions at all that we feel that we need help with, we will by all means get in touch with you for clarity. When we see the home we will evaluate it for the best color combination and we will leave behind on our yellow "We Were Here" form in order of preference the color combinations that we like for your home, and we will leave behind large sample screens of those color combinations.  Please watch this video for a full detailed explanation of our measuring / installation process. 

& my Video Answer :  Here me explain what happens once you have started your solar screen order, the next steps.

Question : We have some unusually shaped windows, how would you price them? 

& Answer :  The most common windows are rectangular and arched windows.  Arched windows are windows with a bow (bend or arc to them).  For an arched window, there is an additional $20 arch fee cost.  For angled windows w/ straight pitched edges, the additional cost is $35.  For 2'-4' wide Circle, Oval or Octagon windows, the additional cost is $75ea.  For a clear illustration of these window, please review our "Non-Rectangular Window Shape Pricing".

Non-Rectangular solar screen Shape Pricing.

Question : Can I buy solar screens for my windows from you to self install?  I am looking to get solar screens as a DYI project, can I source the solar window screens from you?

& Answer :  Yes, you can buy your screens of all types and sizes for all of your project needs from our screen store  Our screens, sliding door screens, exterior patio roller shades, commercial business roller shades, insect bug screens, solar window screens typically take about 7-10 days to run through production.  We have a 24/7 unmanned pickup facility locates at Burnet Rd and 183.  You can pick up your screens once they are ready any hour of any day, open 24/7 for pickups.  

Question : I need help determining what windows I should get the sun shade screens for, will you come by to show me what windows I should get the solar screens for ? 

& Answer :  Determining what windows would benefit from our solar screens is a call (decision) that you as the occupant of the home will need to make.  This being your home, you are more familiar with it than I am, and you know what windows (rooms) get hot from the sun.  My advice is to keep a couple of things in mind, for one you should keep the look and appearance (aesthetics) of your home in mind, point being if you are putting screens on the front of your home, I would recommend that you put screens on all the front windows so the front looks uniform and consistent, not spotty.  I am a big fan of wrapping a home with the solar screens (putting them on all your windows), it looks best, provides shade for your whole house and gives you privacy from all sides and angles of the home.  An average sized home in Austin will have around 20 windows, and to put solar screens on all 20 windows is not costly, to do so with us would typically only cost around $1,100.  Also, it is very common for people to get solar screens for some of their windows now, only to later request solar screens for the rest of their windows.  Now is the time to get them all done at once, as when you do them all at once, you will save money by taking advantage of our quantity discounted pricing model.  Putting solar screens up in multiple phases will cost you a bit more than doing them all at once up front. 

Question : Can a Solar Screen be installed on a Door ?  How about a sliding door? 

& Answer :  Absolutely !   Pictures A &  B)  For swing doors, we mount the solar screen within the molding of the window frame.   Picture C)  For a flat installed rate of $150 (if accompanied with a solar window screen order for your house) we can custom build you an aluminum-framed sliding solar screen door out of either our 80% or 90% fabric.  We custom build our sliding solar screen doors specific to the measurements of your sliding door frame out of roll-formed Aluminum, not out of steel.  The steel framing which is widely used will rust unlike that of the sturdy and heavy-duty aluminum framing that we use. Our cost to build doors out of this heavier duty aluminum framing is more, but it is worth it (aluminum will not rust).  The framing we use is unlike anything you can buy off the shelf, it's very sturdy and heavy-duty.  And, we of course can roll any of our five colors of fabrics within the frame.  Optionally, if you would like to cover the non-opening portion of the door, we can build you a pocket (as shown in picture c).  The pocket we will mount to the outside of your sliding door frame covering the non-opening panel.  The solar screen door when in the open position will slide behind this pocket.  The installed cost for the pocket is a flat rate of $150 as well.  For the sliding screen door and the pocket both made out of the same heavy-duty frame, rolled with either our 80% or 90% solar screen fabric, when accompanied with a 613" or over solar window screen order, is a minimal flat installed cost of $300 regardless of the sizes.    If you do not have a need for solar window screens, and only want the sliding door and pocket, the installed cost of $300 will apply, however, there is an added measuring and installation trip cost of $130.  (Ex. If you want 1 pocket and door set, the cost will be $430, if you want 2 pocket and door sets the cost will be $730).  You can buy to self-install my solar screen sliding doors from here.

& my Video Answer :  Here me discuss installing solar screens for swing doors and sliding doors.

Solar screens for dual swing doors.
solar window screens for a single swing door.
Sliding Solar Screen Door w/ pocket.

Question : What is your Solar Shade Screen for Windows Austin Texas services installation area ? 

& Answer :  Our Austin Texas service area includes the following surrounding areas - Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Bee Caves, Kyle, Buda and Manor.  If you would like our installation service for Dripping Springs, Briarcliff, Spicewood, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Pointe Venture, Liberty Hill or Taylor please take a look at our solar window screen installation area map, to see what the additional cost would be to service your area.

Question : Can Solar Screens be installed on the windows of my commercial building ? 

& Answer :  Absolutely, if it is glass, we can install a solar screen over it.  Like with our Residential installations, we do not install the screens on 3rd floor windows.  Also, being a commercial building, you will likely want to get permission from the building owner, as these screens are affixed to the outside of the window.  Commercial pricing is a little different than residential pricing.  For our installed, sales-tax included commercial pricing, please print our (WORD)  Commercial Do it yourself Estimate Worksheet  (PDF) 

Austin tx commercial solar screens.
Solar screens commercial business.
Commercial solar window screens.
Looking through commercial solar screens.
Can you also do bug screens for windows?

Question : I know you are a local Austin Solar Screen installer, but how about bug (insect) screens, can you make and install those for me as well? 

& Answer :  I do all of my Austin TX insect bug screen projects now with 1 Frame and a VERY Heavy Duty and strong Bug Screen fabric called Pool and Patio.  This strong Pool and Patio insect screen fabric has the same 18x14 openness as the normal fiber wire fabric that all other vendors out there use but is SOOOOOO much Stronger.  The pool and patio fabric was specifically designed to be used for large surface areas like patio enclosures.  You have to make the fabric tough and durable for larger surface areas.  You want a fabric that can handle things that get blown on to it, and stuff from inside the patio enclusre.  

From installing these insect bug screens for windows here in Austin TX over the past many years I have learned that just like with my solar screens for windows, that it is a best practice to make these bug screens as strong and tough as I can.  You want them to last.  This pool and patio fabric has the same see-through value as normal fiber wire that people use to make bug screens out of, but it's much stronger.  To avoid easy tearing, I strongly recommend using the pool and patio fabric.  


Also for strength as of a few years back, I started to exclusively just build my replacement screens for windows our of my 1" framing.  My 1" framing is what I build my large solar screens out of.  That 1" heavy-duty framing is really strong and will not bend or bow.  For 40" wide plus bug screens, I feel like it is irresponsible to build them out that flimsy 3/4" bug screen fabric.  You can not roll them tight and they will always bow with that flimsy  3/4' framing.  My bug screens are so taut that you can literally bounce a quarter off them. Because the fabric I use and that I use the strong 1" framing, my replacement bug screens for windows are VERY strong.  Read more about the materials I use to make my insect window screens here.  And be sure to watch the following video.  

Yes, we can make and install bug (insect) screens for windows.  The flat-rate cost is $30 p/ screen when the following conditions are met, a) in addition to a minmum order solar screen project, or b) a minimum order of just window bug screens.  A minimum order of just bug screens is that the first 11 bug screens run $430, then each bug screen after that is a flat $30ea.  Our flat rate bug screen pricing is for insect window screens not to exceed 46" in width or 34" in height.  Bug screens are designed to fit into just the opening portion of your window with the intention of keeping flying insect screens from flying into your homeBug screens do not fit over the entire window, they are just for the opening portion of your window. 

You can read many of my well thought out Questions & Answers about insect window screens here.   To see my replacement bug screen service area.  I also make sliding door screens out of the bug screen fabric.  And, see how I can help you if you need large insect bug screens for your patio,  My Austin TX service area for my insect window screens for bugs is the same as my Austin solar screens service area and my outdoor roller shades service area. 

Austin Texas Bug Screens 1 inch Frame.

Question : If I use Austin Energy can you process an enrollment for me to get a Residential Rebate ? 

& Answer :  I will process an Austin Energy enrollment for residential solar screen orders of 16 or more as a free service.  For residential orders of 15 solar screens or less, the processing fee I charge to do the enrollment is $75.  If you use Austin Energy (have an Austin Energy account) and are looking for a rebate, contact me by email first so I can assess your situation. Before I take your order on, I will need a copy of the 1st page of your utility bill, which shows the name, address, and account number.  My open published pricing is for every surrounding area of Austin, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Leander, and so forth.  This openly published pricing is the lowest price that I will do a residential project for.  This pricing DOES NOT include the desk time to process Austin Energy rebate enrollments. I will absorb that desk time if the installation is for 16 windows or more and do the enrollment as a free service.  15 windows or less has a processing fee of $75.  The rebate is based on square feet per screen.  Rebate examples for the following screen sizes are 35"x60" = $14.58, 35"x72" = $17.50, 45"x80" = $25, 24"x24" = $4  Within two weeks after the installation is complete, I will sit down and do all the paperwork for the rebate.  I have to use information I find from TravisCAD, so the house needs to be in your name.  This can not be something a renter can process.  Once I finish the enrollment, I will email you a screenshot showing what the rebate amount will be and the enrollment #.  Austin Energy will review this, and once they have accepted and processed it, they will mail you a check for the rebate amount.  As a side note: you yourself can not process an enrollment on your own.  Enrollments are all done through the Austin Energy EECP webportal that can only be accessed by an insured and vetted approved vendor, not end users. 

1 screen per window
Putting solar screens on Doors
Installation Service Area
Help picking colors for solar screens.
Self Install

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Smallest solar screen job I will do
What windows need the solar screens
Understanding my Quantity Discounted pricing
Pricing compared to competitors
AE Rebate

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