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Question : Can I self install my outdoor roller shades and save on the installation?

& Answer :  Absolutely, You can get my DIY patio roller shade pricing from this website.  And, you can also get the pricing and order your DIY exterior patio roller shade(s) from my website for DIY.  The following video explains how to measure and install my patio roller shades.

Patio Roller Shades - INSTALLATION Q&A's

Question : Will your outdoor patio screens keep the flying insects out of the patio?

& Answer :  No, my roller shades are strictly for the purpose of providing temporary shade.  What you are looking for are called ZipperTrack patio roller shade systems.  With a zippertrack motorized patio roller shade system, the sides of the fabric have a zipper glued (heat welded) to them.  Then this zipper slides between a channel (track) on either side of the roller shade, so when the shade is down it is sealed on all sides of the shade.  Zippertrack systems are VERY NICE, everything about them is top-notch, it's just that they come at a sticker price that most people are shocked by.   Alternatively, an excellent way to also handle bug protection is to build a screened-in back patio enclosure. If you screen in your back patio with insect bug screen fabric and then hang my patio outdoor sun shades on the inside of the back patio enclosure, you will get the best of all worlds. You will get bug protection full time, and then when you need patio sun protection, you roll down my solar patio shades to get shade from the sun.


Question : Is there an advantage to putting the exterior roller shades on all of the openings of my back patio?  Will it look odd if I only put the patio sun shades on just some of my patio openings?

& Answer :  It will not look odd to just put the exterior roller shades on the openings you need them for.  It's fine to just shade the patio openings you want them for.  The advantage to putting the outside shades on all of the openings is that doing so makes the patio feel closed off to the outside.  It's a crazy cool feeling when you drop the exterior blinds for all of the openings within your patio.  It's like you have created this entire new private shade with great outward visibility room for your home. It's hard to appreciate without seeing it all first hand, but overwhelmingly impressive when you do experience it first hand. Right now, when you walk out to your back patio, you are outside of the home. You are now part of the backyard. It's sunny, people can see you, and it is all wide open.  When you drop these solar shades for all the openings, it's like you just created your own private shaded and comfortable outdoor room.  It's a MASSIVE transformation.  The other benefit is pricing. When you install all the shades at one time, you benefit from the quantity discounted patio roller shade pricing structure. So, the savings are then significant.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining what it is like covering all of your patio openings with roller shades versus just some.    


Question : I see that the Height (length) options for your patio roll shades are 85" and 99", which length should I go with?  How long should my sun shades for the patio be?  Do I need my retractable patio screens to go all the way to the ground? 

& Answer :  Patio roller shades do not need to drop all the way to the ground.  You only want the outdoor solar shades to drop as far as you need them to provide shade protection from the sun.  The 85" patio roll shade is ideal for a patio with a ceiling height of around 8', while the 99" drop outdoor patio shades are for taller patio heights at approximately 10'.  A full 85" length roll shade will be installed, but we will install a ball stop on the roller shade so that it drops to the desired length, then stops.  We install these ball stops on-site when we install the roller shade.  My preference is to have at least 24" from the bottom of the patio roller shade to the floor.  This 24" will allow air to move under the outdoor sun shades.  You want the air to flow under the patio roller shade not to make it stagnant within your patio area.  The following pictures can give you a good idea of how far to drop the outdoor porch blinds

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining what height would be best for your Austin Texas outdoor retractable patio solar shade project.


Question : Can my back patio sun shades drop behind my metal hand railing?  In front of my handrail?  To the top of my handrail?  How does it work when I have a handrail?

& Answer :  If you have a handrail, I can drop the back patio sun shades in front or behind your metal handrail.  When I do this, I will add rubber bumpers to the solar patio shades so that when they blow around from the wind, the aluminum bottom rail does not clank when this bottom rail taps against the metal handrail. I like to use the handrail to stop the roll shade from moving too much when being blown by the breezes, as the handrail will act as a stop.  Here are some pictures for you to see to get an idea.  Of course, I will make a recommendation of how to address all this once I see the patio after you have started your order for my outdoor patio shades.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer showing how I handle handrails when I install my outdoor patio blinds.


Question : I have a stairwell opening within my handrail; how should I install the roller shades for that?  Should I leave space for a walkthrough?  Should I close off the walkthrough opening?

& Answer :  I personally do not think so. I am not a fan of leaving an opening there to access the stairs. You can easily enough move the outdoor patio screen out of your way to access the stairs when you need to; it is not a big deal to do. And, leaving that area as an unshaded opening allows more sun to get into the patio. Something we are trying to eliminate. Plus, I do not think it looks all that great when the entire area is not covered. You be the judge. There are plenty of pictures here for you to see both ways.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining options for installing outdoor shades around a stairwell opening.


Question : When you drop the patio solar shades past the handrail, how do you keep them from clanking against the metal or wood railing?

& Answer :  I use these Made in USA rubber bumpers.  I'll install them anywhere I feel they are required, as many as I think are needed.  I do this when I am onsite installing the solar shades, so I know exactly where to put them. 


Question : Can I leave the outdoor roller shade screen in the down position all the time?  Do I need to roll the outdoor patio blinds up when I am not using them? 

& Answer :  You absolutely need to roll the outdoor patio shades up when you are not using them.  The wind is very powerful, and you don't want all of that solar fabric to act as a powerful sail in the wind, as doing so will put A LOT of pulling stress on your tie-downs and where the fabric adheres to the roll tube.  But, most notably on the gears of the clutch.  Our patio sun shades can absolutely withstand wind. Don't get me wrong, as all our outdoor patio shades are built very well and very sturdy, but the wind is EXTREMELY powerful when you take into consideration the large area of fabric from when the outdoor shades are in the down position.  It's best to roll your patio sun shades up when it gets windy, and always make a practice of rolling your Austin outdoor shades up when they are NOT needed.  Patio sun shades are meant to be used when you need them.  To roll down when they are needed and rolled back up when they are not.  The purpose of our outdoor patio shades Austin TX product is to give you temporary shade when you need/want it.  For a permanent shading solution, one that you can leave down all the time, I would recommend the motorized zippertrack roller shade solutions.  The zippertrack solar roller shade pricing is considerably higher, around 10X the cost of my manual roller shades.  But they are meant to be used in windy situations to be left down all the time if needed.

Patio Roller Shades - Operating Q&A's

Question : How do you roll the retractable patio screens up and down?  Is it hard to roll the patio sun screens up and down?  

& Answer :  I use two Made in USA Rollease Exterior manual pull chain clutches to roll the exterior sun shades up and down. These are the two heaviest duty pull chain clutches on the market for exterior use that I am aware of.  They are made in the USA.  And I also use a Made in the USA since 1938 stainless steel pull chain that's an exact measurement bead match for these clutches to avoid any possible slippage. The roll up sun shades rolls up and down easily.  The larger 16' outdoor patio screens are a little heavy, but you can still easily roll them up with minimal effort.  

& my Video Answer :  My video answer showing how to operate my patio sun shades.  How you roll up and down the outdoor shades.