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Josh Hobbs

J P Hobbs inc

Solar Screen Services


Mailing Address:

PO Box 10897
Austin, TX 78766

Physical Address:

9603 Saunders Lane, B-1A

Austin, TX 78758

Fax 214-722-2188

Josh Hobbs​

512-351-5762 (cell)

M-F 8-6:00

S-S Closed

EIN 75-2509634

J P Hobbs inc W-9

I am not a full-service screen shop. 
I do not repair screens nor do any kind of service work for anything other than my own, for what I have installed as new.  When you need ....
NEW solar screens for windows
NEW installed insect bug screens for windows and patios,
NEW installed manual controlled patio roller shades,  
NEW commercial manual controlled roller shades
NEW solar window screens for an ENTIRE Multi-family Apartment Complex (all the windows)
NEW commercial solar screens
all installed by the hands of 17 years of experience at an awesome pricing structure, that's me.  That's Josh Hobbs.  I do not take on small projects like repair work because I put my hands on EACH and EVERY job and there simply are just not enough hours in a day or days in a week to be able to take on service work and be able to maintain what I do.  

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