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Commercial Roller Shades Austin Texas

Aggressively Low-Priced,

Dependable and Reliable 

Made here in Austin, Texas

My commercial roller shades will keep the sun out.

My Made in Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades will EXTENSIVELY shade the inside of your business with 97% solar shade.  The sun will no longer be an issue for your Austin Texas business, office, storefront, restaurant and commercial building. 

Understanding about my commercial roller shades

I make all of my Austin Texas Office Solar Shades here in Austin and I personally install them for you at your commercial business building.  My commercial roller shades aka office blinds are very dense, I only use a 97% solar sun shade fabric. My office window shades provide a lot of shade, 97% shade.  I personally make (manufacturer) my entire line of office shades are made right here in Austin TX.  I stock all replacement parts at all times.  Because I am the manufacture I can easily and quickly repair all of my custom-made commercial roll shades.  My interior commercial roller shades are manually controlled by a stainless steel pull chain and pivot clutch that moves with the chain.  My installed Austin TX office window coverings are budget-priced and made extremely well, they are made to last.  

VIDEO: Austin Texas Commercial Grade window coverings

↓ Watch this video to better understand my made in Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades↓

  • Made locally here in Austin Texas by Josh Hobbs. 
  • Manufactured and installed by the same hands, by the hands of Josh Hobbs.
  • Budget-priced,  Extremely Effective and Very Durable.
  • Considerable Savings because you are buying directly from the manufacturer,

At  great Office Window  Covering

Pricing, I can provide
solar shade

Remove the HARSH

sun from your office

by shading the windows with my

commercial solar

window coverings

Austin Texas Restaurant Windows shaded with my roller shades.
Sun for commercial roll shade.
DIY & Installed Pricing
85" Tall interior commercial roller shade pricing

it's so



99" Tall interior commercial roller shade pricing

Click the Buy Now Button to initiate a $50 non-refundable measure deposit that will be deducted from your order.  Once I receive this deposit, I will email you a date that I will swing by your Austin TX commercial building to get precise build measurements for the interior window shades.  My current route schedule will be displayed for my Austin Texas roller shade service area.  Once I get my build measurements, I will email you an order the next day to pay and approve along with an installation date.  The measure and installation will require someone to be there. This entire process, from the time you submit your deposit to the day I install your new custom made roller shades is generally completed within 14 Days -two weeks-.  After you have submitted your measure deposit, please email us at with precise measure instructions, so we know what to measure.  And, if you need help with colors, choose "Help Me Choose" for the roller shade fabric color option.  Be assured, I will always make color recommendations and we will leave behind those recommendations along with fabric samples so that you can look them over.  All of my roller shade fabrics provide 97% sunshade.  If you would like my interior roll shade sample fabrics mailed to you ahead of time, I can do that as well.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining what to expect when you start an order for my commercial roller shades.

Start your order for my installed 97% Commercial Roller Shades here

Start your order for my well made, made here in Austin Tx, INSTALLED Commercial Roller Shades Here !

$50 Measure Deposit

Question : Do we have to be here when you come by?  Can you measure for the office window shades from the outside? 

& Answer :  I do need access to the inside of the building, as I need interior build measurements.  And, I have to assess how the rolelr shades for office windows will hang, how they will install, how I will need to mount my two installation brackets. So yes, someone does need to be at the property when I show up.

Question : What is your Austin TX commercial roll shade services installation area ? 

& Answer :  Our Austin TX solar shades for office windows service area includes the following surrounding areas - Pflugerville TX, Round Rock Texas, Hutto, TX Georgetown TX, Leander Texas, Cedar Park TX, Lakeway Texas, Bee Caves TX, Kyle Texas, Buda and Manor.  If you would like our installation service for Dripping Springs, Briarcliff, Spicewood, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Pointe Venture, Liberty Hill or Taylor please take a look at our Austin TX installation area map, to see what the additional cost would be to service your area.

What makes your commercial roller shades better
168" Tall interior commercial roller shade pricing

Start your order for my installed Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades here

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Price your INSTALLED Commercial Roller Shade costs here

Interior Commercial Roller Shade Pricing,
85" Max height

Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades Installed Prcing 85 in Height

Interior Commercial Roller Shade Pricing,
99" Max height

Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades Installed Pricing 99 in Height.

Interior Commercial Roller Shade Pricing,
168" Max height

Austin TX Commercial Roller Shades Insta

This is how I price my Installed Commercial Roller Shades.
Based on the Total Qty that you need  and each 
Width Size.

Simple and Easy!

The above manually operated by pull chain commercial roller shade pricing is based on a Total Quantity needed.  If you are looking for three installed retractable office roller sun shades of any size, then the commercial roll shade pricing column you would use to get that pricing is the Installed Qty 2-3 column.  The pricing is based on "up to the next size" up to widths, meaning if you require pricing for a 100" interior solar shade, you will use the 108" row pricing.  My office window covering options are broken down into three height groups.  These prices include one measure trip to the Austin TX business, materials to make the roller sun shades, manufacturing of the solar shades, delivery to the business, and installation of the window sunshades.  These are not sales-tax included prices.  These prices are plus state sales-tax.  

The first column is our DIY Self Install Qty 1 Pricing for our retractable roller sunshades.  Go to, my DIY Commercial Roller Shade website to be taken to the order system where these DIY installation are to be ordered from and to see what larger quantity DIY pricing looks like.  If you are out of the Austin Tx area, sorry, I do not ship my commercial roller shades, I only offer a local pickup option.

Question : What makes your commercial solar shades so good?  Why should we use you and your commercial sun shades product?  What's the advantage to having you install our office window coverings.

& Answer :  The key is that I manufacture all of my roller shades right here in Austin TX myself.  There are no middle man costs with me.  No shipping costs to get them to the installer and supplier like everyone else has.  I can easily fix and repair the shades because I have all of the parts.  I don't use crews to install the commercial window shades, I personally install them.  All of these eliminated costs are savings I pass right along to you.  I build the commercial window blinds and install them myself, how much better can it get than that.  I make my interior sun shades to last, I DO NOT build them with inferior components.  I only use a 97% shade fabric for maximum shade, the best shade density I feel that should be used for an interior commercial application.  

Start your oder for my commercial roller shades here.
Pricing sun for austin texas commercial roller shade services.


Setting appointments
Installation area for my commercial window coverings
Sample Kit

I have five interior 97% sun shades for business windows fabric color options to choose from.  

Fabric options for my commercial roller shades.

Would you like a FREE Commercial Roll Screen Solar Sun Shade Sample Kit ?    

To first hand be able to see my different window covering fabrics, please provide me with your mailing address and I will send you one of my commercial roll shade fabric sample kits.  

Color Options

Sample Kit and Color options . . .

Questions & Answers

Question : What is your Austin TX office window coverings installation area ? 

& Answer :  Our Austin Texas office window shades service area includes the following surrounding areas - Pflugerville Texas, Round Rock TX, Hutto Texas, Georgetown TX, Leander TX, Cedar Park Texas, Lakeway Texas, Bee Caves TX, Kyle, Buda and Manor Texas.  If you would like our installation service for Dripping Springs, Briarcliff, Spicewood, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Pointe Venture, Liberty Hill or Taylor please take a look at our Austin Texas installation area map, to see what the additional cost would be to service your area.

Question : Do I have to have one commercial solar shade per panel?  I see that you make very wide roller blinds, can I get a wide roller blind to cover multiple window panels?   

& Answer :  It is all about how you want it to look and what is within budget.   Yes, we can by all means cover multiple window panels with just one sun shade for business windows. Here are some examples of covering multiple window panels.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining using one roller shade for a grouping of windows, or individually for each window.

Question : Do you also offer your interior commercial sun shades for windows as a Residential installation service?  Do you install your interior roller blinds on the windows of homes?  Can your commercial roller blinds be used for the windows at my home? 

& Answer :  I do not do residential installations for my roller shades.  I do not install my roller shades as an interior installation service at people's homes.  You can install them yourselves and purchase them from the interior commercial roller shade screens for self install page of my website all day long, I just do not offer that as an installation service.

Question : We are Commercial Property managers and need replacement commercial blinds often, can we source them from you and self install them?  Have our maintenance staff install them?  

& Answer :  Yes, create a Property management account on my website for discounted property management pricing and from that website, you will be able to order my DIY self installation commercial roller shades.  My website by way of that account you create will keep an order history, so whenever you need to order more for that property, you can easily do so by using the order history to look up the measurements.

Question : I see that you sell these as an installation service, can you ship them to us to self install?

& Answer :  As of today, I am not shipping my commercial sun shades for windows. We are currently going through the process of building a new manufacturing building, and when we are through with that and geared up for mass production and shipping, we will then be offering a shipping option.  But not at this time. 

Question : Do all colors work the best?  Does one fabric color work better than the others?  Can you see through all the colors the same?  & Answer :  They all provide 97% sun solar shade, so they all work the same.  You can see through the darker colors, black and new brown slightly better than than the lighter colors. And that's only slightly.  You can see through all the colors very well.  I have on my patio solar shades page a section titled looking through the sun shade fabric, that you can look at to get a feel for how well you can through my roller shade screens.

Question : How do you roll your commercial window shades up and down?

& Answer :  They are rolled up and down by a stainless steel ball chain.  I only use what's called a swivel clutch.  I use these because the chain guard swivels to follow how you pull the chain.  If you pull the chain away from the shade, that swivel cover follows you.  This may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, it is a HUGE deal, otherwise, you would have to pull the chain straight down and up.  I learned this the hard way, I use to make these shades without a swivel clutch, just like most everyone else out there, and what would happen would be employees would pull on the chain from a distance out from the wall (shade).  That creates all kinds of unneeded stress on the chain, clutch, connectors, and shade itself.  Ever since I started using these swivel clutches, all the calls I would get have disappeared.  I no longer have any kind of customer use issues.  It's astounding to me that I still see these shades getting installed out there without swivel clutches.  And I mean everywhere I look I see cutting corners by not using these.  The swivel clutch does not cost that much more and it makes for a MUCH better product, I just don't see why other installers choose to cut that as a corner.

& my Video Answer :  My video answer explaining how the office window shade coverings roll up and down.

Left side mounted clutch for commercial roller shade.
Right side mounted clutch for my commercial bllinds.

Question : I have seen storefront window coverings installed that look like they have a box around the top roller, do you have that?  

& Answer :  No, my storefront window shades are budget-priced right to the point, basic, but VERY WELL MADE window shades.  I do not fabricate covers or valances to cover the top of my roll away office, business, or commercial window coverings. 

Question : Can we see the roller shades for office windows first hand?  Do you have a showroom where we can see your solar shades for office windows?  

& Answer :  I have my storefront window coverings and commercial solar shades hanging within my pickup room at 183 and Burnet Rd.  I have an un-manned pickup room.  Contact me and  I'll give you an entrance code and a map to the facility.  You can swing by 24/7 any hour of any day.   

Question :  What is the warranty for your installed commercial sun shades for windows?

& Answer :  I warrant my interior commercial window coverings for 6-months.  The only time I have trouble is from personal damage.  Like being hung at a bar where people get really aggressive and can be hard on them.  What I do not warrant is obvious personal damage like yanking on them so hard they yank the shades out of the brackets, which is VERY hard to do by the way.  Or with a lot of strength pulling on the chain hard and fast which can strip the gears of the clutch, especially if it is a big heavy shade.  When it is a big heavy shade, people have a tendency to want to pull on the chain with a lot of force because they are heavy, doing so heavy handily will strip the gears of the clutch.  The sun shades for business windows will have ball stops on them that keep them from being rolled up to far and from only being able to get rolled down to a specific stop position.  It is almost impossible to force one of those ball stops into the clutch, but I have had that happen and that's not a warranty repair that's on me.  That's personal damage, not a warranty from, and when personal damage occurs, there is a repair cost to fix / repair the damage.  My trip rates are $200 plus materials.

Question : When the warranty expires, do I have an option for replacement materials and parts?  Can I source replacement parts from you?  What is your service rate to repair a office window covering?  

& Answer :  Because I am the manufacturer of my own line of office window coverings, all parts can easily be sourced through me.  There are not really all that many parts that make up my roller shades and I readily have them at all times available for when you need them.  As far as an onsite repair, my flat rate trip charge is $200 which will cover the trip to the property and labor for one shade.  If you need more than one shade repaired, the labor for each additional shade is $125.  So the trip to drive to the commercial property and fix one damaged roller shade runs $200 plus the cost of the replacement part.  The most common part that needs to be replaced is the clutch, and they run around $25 - $45 in cost.  

Question :  Can I use your commercial shades for my restaurant windows?  How durable are your solar shades for restaurant windows? 

& Answer :  Yes, my installed restaurant window treatments are very durable.  In fact, I have learned a lot over the years, one being that commercial shades for restaurants really need to be strong and well constructed.  Solar shades for restaurants get a lot of use and abuse.  Many different hands will use them. Therefore, they need to be strong and very durable.  I now only use a swivel clutch and stainless steel pull chain for all of my restaurant window treatment assemblies.  This really makes for a very strong and durable commercial shade for restaurant windows.   

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