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Multifamily solar window screen installation in Houston TX

This was a 800 plus window multifamily solar screens Houston installation project.

The property was a bit of a challenge because a good deal of the windows were behind locked fences and locked iron gates.

Needless to say, it took an extraordinary amount of ladder climbing to get over these brick walls, wood fences and iron gates.

Solar screens make everything look the same.  Solar Screens really dress the property up.
Will solar screens improve the look of my apartment buildings?

Solar screens over all of the windows of a multi-family make everything look the same. Creates a significant look of uniformity for the property.

Installed solar screen pricing for multi-family properties is extremely reasonable.
What is multi-family solar window screen pricing like? Is it affordable?

All the time when I finish these properties I look back and think about what went into them and how much they cost. It's quite crazy that we could do so much for a property for so little. Compared to something like painting a property which is drastic in cost, you get so much MORE bang for your buck by covering up the windows with the solar screens. It's why I think so many of these apartment rehabbers demand that solar screens get installed when they do the rehabilitation work.

I installed my solar screens all throughout the central Texas area.
What part of Texas do you install your apartment solar screens?

One of my clients that I ship solar screens to for multifamily apartment properties they have all over the country had this property in Houston. They contacted local solar screen installers after installers in the Houston area. They wanted this multifamily solar screens Houston project done by me. They wanted me to come down and do this property for them. They were not pleased with what their options were that they found in Houston. I did the job for them and I am now doing several more for them in Houston as well. If you have a Houston property that you would like pricing for, get in touch with me, and let's see what I can do for you.

What kind of colors can you get the solar screens made out of?
6 Fabric and 5 frame color options for apartment building solar window screens.

Question: What various colors are offered for the solar screens?

Generally, I use a black fabric with a brown frame for I would say 98% of all of my apartment solar screen installations. It's just a clean look. The black and brown look seamless.

Black is a typical color of fabric that we use for multifamily installations.
These are 90% black solar screens with brown framing
Covering all windows leaves no glass uncovered therefore creates consistency.
For uniformity, it is best to cover all windows of the property.

Covering every window is the way to go, consistency is created because no glass is left exposed.

I have done a property for an owner that the Property Owner wanted to cut costs on to put screens over most windows but not all. Actually, I have done two properties this way one in Austin and one in San Antonio. The one in Austin they called me back for and had me finish it off. They had me put solar screens on the remaining windows. I say do it at one time to save on price and make it all look good.

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