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Window Coverings for Austin TX Restaurants

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

We custom manufacture our own line of restaurant window coverings. We make our window coverings right here in Austin, Texas. In my shop at 183 and Burnet Rd. We have six solar shade fabric colors to choose from. My fabric density option is 97%. I do not offer any other density options because I don't see a reason for doing so. Using the 97% sun control fabric is the ideal amount of shade that you would want for a restaurant. You can still look through the 97% fabric to see out of the restaurant. And get plenty of shade from the sun.

99" long black fabric window coverings for an Austin TX restaurant.
Showing my 99" long restaurant window coverings.

Under the commercial roll shade pricing section of my website, I show the following different installed pricing options.

This is a great picture showing what it looks like looking through my 97% restaurant window coverings. You can see through the window covering fabric just fine.

While you can see through these shades just fine, they do provide an immense 97% amount of shade from the sun.

My window coverings block the sun, but allows you to clearly see through them.
Visibility through my restaurant window coverings is outstanding.

Customers sitting within your restaurant will be well-shaded from the Sun. However, they will still be able to see out of your restaurants windows with surprisingly good visibility .

On my website, I have a section titled understanding commercial roller shades which is a great resource for information.

On that same webpage, be sure to check out the Questions & Answers section.

I sued fixed solar panels and roller blinds for this restaurant's entrance.
This restaurant has fixed 97% solar window screen panels AND 97% manual roller blinds.

This particular restaurant is located in Leander TX. I install my commercial window blinds all over the Austin TX, area. Follow this link to see my service area for commercial roller shades.

My manually operated roller blinds use heavy-duty clutches and stainless steel pull chains to operate them. There is a wide range of components manufacturers can use to make their restaurant blinds ranging from low-end to strong. I also make exterior patio roller shades, so I have access to really robust materials. I manufacture all of my restaurant window coverings here in town, so I control the parts I use. For me, I have the benefit of profiting from the manufacturers' side and the installation side. So there's enough margin there for me to use all heavy-duty materials. For example, I only use stainless steel pull chains. I see pull chains all over the city for interior commercial coverings that are plastic, which is a cheap option. Plastic will break over time, not stainless. Restaurant roll shades can get a lot of abuse, so I make them really sturdy to withstand a lot of use.

Roll shades for some openings and solar window screens for others
Commercial roll shades and window coverings

For this entrance section, I custom-built solar window screens using my 97% roller shade fabric that I installed up high as a lesser priced fixed solution. There was no need to install my well-built commercial roller shades up high. So I offered solar window screens using the same fabric as a better-priced solution to the restaurant owner.

To take a look at my fabric options, please order a commercial roll shade sample kit here from my website.

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