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How to stop artificial grass from getting burned and melted.

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Here in Austin, Texas, artificial turf grass is a huge thing these days. The problem is that the grass (turf) can get burned from the sun reflecting off of the glass. I install an enormous amount of solar screens these days on homes around the area to prevent the reflection of the sun. To keep the sun from reflecting off the glass to the turf and melting it.

eliminate the sun's reflection from burning turf grass
Solar window screens will shade your home's windows and eliminate the sun's reflection.

I remember when I got my first call many years back from a homeowner asking me if I thought my solar window screens would eliminate the reflection of the sun. I was perplexed cause I never got a question like that.

This was a good 10+ years ago, and turf grass for homes was not yet a widely popular product.

I clearly remember the homeowner telling me that his artificial turf grass was melting. I was shocked and had to see this melted artificial grass for myself.

window shade screens will stop turf meting
Melted artificial turf can be prevented from installed window shade screens

The homeowner had asked me if I thought my installed Austin Texas solar window screens would prevent the sun from reflecting onto the grass. I told him I suspected they would, but I had no experience with such a situation, so I couldn't definitively tell him one way or another.

I will always give my opinion or just say I don't know. Unless I know for sure, I will never answer a person's question with definitive confidence.

I put the solar screens up for this homeowner, and they solved his problem. No more reflective sun. And, he received massive shade benefits from the solar screens.

I was so surprised when I saw the melted artificial turf. It was an incredible sight to see. Sad for the homeowner, but incredible to see how powerful the sun's reflection can be.

I should have known this because I install solar screens and bug window screens onto windows all day all the time that are reflecting the sun's rays burning my face and darn near blinding me.

prevent melted artificial grass with solar screens
Solar screens will prevent melted artificial grass from happening.

You can quickly get my installed Austin TX solar screen pricing from this page. Simply plug in your window count into my easy-to-use solar screen estimation calculator to get a ballpark cost.

Sun screens on windows will save you turf grass.
No more sun reflection with sunscreens covering your windows.

If you are handy and can handle a DIY solar window screen installation yourself, you can source them through my store. I do not ship my screens. My DIY online screen store is simply for local Austin, TX, pickups.

Sun window screens will stop the sun from melting your grass.
Stop the melting of artificial grass with solar sun window screens.

To answer questions you may have about my solar screens, I have an EXTENSIVE solar screen Q&A page.

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