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Solar patio blinds that are manually controlled

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

I make my custom-manufactured manual patio solar blinds here in Austin TX. My shop is located at 183 & Burnet Rd in North Austin. I sell my patio blinds as an installed service, homeowner self-install DIY, and wholesale (resale) for contractors.

You can get to my DIY Roller Shade Screens here. This is my Roller Shade Screens DIY page, where you order roller shade screens for patios and commercial use.

Option for DIY self install of solar blinds. website where I sell my solar blinds for patio and commercial self installation.

My patio roller shades are manual controlled. You roll the shades up and down by means of a stainless steel pull chain. The pull chain wraps around a geared clutch.

geared clutch to roll a solar patio blind up and down.
Manual solar blind geared clutch. This is how you roll an outdoor solar blind up and down.

The geared clutch will keep the solar patio blind from unrolling. From rolling off of the tube the fabric is rolled around. You can pull on the fabric and it will not unroll off of the tube.

This does not mean that you can leave the patio blinds down all the time. Solar patio blinds are meant to be rolled down when you need them and rolled back up when you do not. This way the wind does not damage the geared clutch.

Solar patio shades can withstand wind, but they are not meant to be left down.
This is too much wind for a manual solar patio shade. Patio solar shades can withstand wind, but constant pushing and pulling like this can over time damage the clutch. Therefore the manual shades need to be taken up when not in use.

There is a lot of force behind wind.
Roller shade fabric is very dense, air does not go through it, instead the air moves the shade. This solar patio shade is not tied down.

I put tie downs on all of my patio solar shades. The tie downs allow for the solar patio shade to move and flex from breezes and winds. And of course to keep the shade from blowing around like this.

Tie downs are needed to hold the solar patio shades down.
This is a tie down hooked to a metal post rail.

I offer,

Visit this section of my website that goes over how far to drop your patio shade.

Manual Patio Solar Blinds for DIY, self installation

If you would like to save on the installation cost, or you live outside of my installation, you can buy my exterior patio shade screens for self installation.

If you are a contractor or a reseller, I sell my patio shades at wholesale pricing with an approved wholesaler account.

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