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Manual patio solar shades Austin TX

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Affordable manual patio solar shades made right here in Austin TX.

I manufacture my own manual roller shades here in Austin Texas. I do this so that my pricing to you is extremely aggressive and affordable. I publish all of my patio solar shade pricing here.

Showing the clutch we use to control our manual controlled solar shades
Manual patio solar shade installed into a stucco header

I base my installed pricing on quantity, width, and height. All of my manual patio solar shades are made using the same 97% dense fabric. The 97% density will get you the most amount of shade while still being able to see through the solar shade fabric.

This homeowner had us install the solar shade to the left three years ago, and then had us put of the new one this year.
Two manual solar shades installed 3 years apart

I install my manual roller shades all throughout the Austin area. Posted here is my service area map. The more roller shades you install per job the cheaper the price per roller shade is.

There are roller shade projects I will not take on. There are plenty of situations that my manual roller shades cannot be installed for. I will require pictures before we start an order so that I can assess your patio to make sure that it is one that I can install my manual roller shades on.

Operating clutch tapconed into the brick
Operating clutch for our custom made manual outdoor solar shades

I do not use a crank lift operating system. Everyone I have talked to that has one complains about how slow it is to raise and lower their roller shades. I instead use an outdoor Rollease solar shade clutch. We have two different Rollease clutches one for 36 lb and the other for 54 lb. Depending on the size of your shade dictates which clutch we use. Each of these clutches are outfitted with a solid stainless steel pull chain made here in the USA. Very strong and they will not rest.

We installed these two manual solar shades for a home in Georgetown (Sun City)n
Manual patio solar shades are a cost effective shading solution

As of 2023, I have five different fabric colors to choose from. Each of my fabric colors are 97% shade dents. This means the solar Shades provide 97% sunshade. This allows you to be able to see through the sun shades while still giving you a ton of shade. Anything less than 97% in my opinion does not offer adequate solar protection.

To first hand see my different fabric options, please order a free fabric sample kit from here.

This newly constructed patio now has retractable sun shades
Solar shades make a very nice addition to a newly constructed patio

My roller shades do not need to go all the way to the slab. It is ideal to leave a 20 to 24 in opening for the patio roller shades. This is for air to be able to move through to get into the patio. If you do not allow for this spacing the interior of your patio will get stagnant because you are hindering air flow. You need that mild Breeze to actually come through into the patio. Air will not move through the dense fabric. That dense fabric will eliminate air flow.

This is a Beige 97% manual sun shade installed for a home in North Austin
Just the right amount of shade for this North Austin patio

If you are looking to get privacy from your neighbors. My patio roller shades will do that for you during the day. However, at night, my roller shades will not give you privacy if you have lights on within your patio. I have many examples of privacy at night with the roller shades posted here.

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