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Bug Screens -> Measure Instructions

Please Email your Measure Instructions to 

Some Measure Instruction Examples Are:  "All Windows", "All Front", "All Front, Left & Right", "Back minus the four under patio", "Front, Left, & Right Solar Screens and Bug Screens for the Back".  

Be as detailed as you want, we love detailed instructions.

We reply to these measure deposits with a confirmation email telling you that we received your measure deposit and what day we will for sure be by the home to measure. No one needs to be home when we come by, but we do need clear measure instructions before we can put you on the route to drive over to your home. If we do not have these measure instructions, as part of our confirmation reply, we will ask for them. If you have a gate that needs to be unlocked for us, please do so before we drive over there and if you have a sub-division entrance gate, please let us know what the guest code is for us to access the sub-division. This measure deposit pays for the trip to drive over to the property, if we cannot access the property because of a sub-division gate, then the measure deposit has been expended to pay for that trip.  If you do have a gate lock and it's not unlocked for us, we can use our ladders to hop over the fence. 

Help with Frame Colors: You will want to match the frame color of the window.  I'll figure this out when I see the house.

Installation Date: On the order we send you to pay and approve, it will have our soonest available installation date, which will be around two weeks from the day we measure. The order will have a process date that the order will need to be paid by to meet this as an installation date. Once the order has been paid and approved, that installation date is locked in, we will be by the home on that date to put the screens on between 9am-7pm. No one needs to be home when we come by. We do not miss installation dates. We custom hand make these screens specific and uniquely to the windows of your home using your chosen frame color and this manufacturing process takes us 7-10 business days.

Payment:  The invoice we email you will have a secured credit card payment link within it.  You can pay through that secured credit card payment link, or you can call us and we can take the payment over the phone.  There will be a cut off date on that invoice we send  you that will say what day and time the invoice needs to be paid by in order to lock in the installation date that is on the invoice.  The next available install date will be two weeks later. This cut off is critical, as we have production (manufacturing) lead times that we have to adhere to. The cut off date is not negotiable because we have manufacturing parameters to work within We can tell if the invoice we send you has been viewed.  If we see that it has been viewed and that payment did not come through, I respectfully will not chase you down, that tells me you are not ready. The paperwork gets put away on our end leaving the next step up to you. The next step is that you then pay the invoice whenever you are ready.  A week later, 6 months later or two years later.  Once you make the payment, I will be notified that it has been paid and I will then reserve and lock in a new installation date for you.  I will then email you that date which will be for within two weeks from the day you made the payment.

Order, Invoice, Measure Deposit:  On the order (invoice) we email you, it is very detailed, it will show you what windows we measured by sides of the home.  The deduction for the measure deposit.  And, what day the invoice needs to be paid by to lock in the install date that is on that invoice.

Route: We will come by your home to take our build measurements here very soon (no one needs to be home for this). We try to schedule our driving time / measurements collectively within the same area (part of town).

Extended Installation Area: This map is of my Austin installation area. If your home is outside of my Austin installation area, please take a look at my Extended Installation Area Map to verify that your home is in an area that I do install in. 


- North Austin (N of 183), Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, Jollyville, Cedar Park, Leander and Georgetown


- South Austin (S of 183) East Austin, Manor, Buda, Kyle, West (Lakeway / Steiner).

We tried to make ordering residential bug screens for windows
a Simple Process.


Josh Hobbs


Paula Hobbs


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