Roll Shade for Patio Entrance

Often, a client will ask us to install our exterior patio roller shade screens for their entry areas to the home.  For the front of the home to Shield / Shade their front door from the intense Sun.

We can do this for you, we can affix one of our roller shades to an area in front of your door that allows you to pull the roller shade down and back up when you need it and when you don’t, to provide temporary shade for the front door.

The roller shade however is meant to be a temporary source of shade, not a device that you would want to leave down all of the time. A roll shade will act as a huge sale just like that on a boat.  The wind blowing against the shade can be very powerful. Point being the roll Shades need to be brought back up when it is windy to prevent them from getting damaged.

Our standard roller shade height for our roller shade screens is 82 inches we can occasionally make them longer and if you need one to be longer just let us know and we will see what we can do.

When we install our Austin TX patio roller shade screens we tie them down using bungee cords and open-ended hooks.  This keeps the roller shade in the tied down position.  The clutch will not reverse or forward roll from the wind, it will lock itself into position. The only way the shade will go up and down is by turning the clutch by means of the pull chain not by pulling on the fabric.

Black 97% roller shade for patio entrance

This is a tall patio front entrance we shaded with a 97% patio roll shade. This homeowners front patio is now massively shaded from the sun. Keep in mind hover, this is not permanent solution like solar screens for windows are, roller shades are meant to be a temporary solution.

We shaded this front door with a 90% chocolate brown exterior solar shade. Outdoor roller shades are a good way to provide sun shade for your front door.

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