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What are Solar Window Screens?

Our Solar Screens can significantly improve your air-conditioning efficiency by shading your home’s windows from the heat of the sun. By shading your home’s windows with our solar screens, the sun’s rays are not able to penetrate your windows, therefore the heat generated by the direct rays of the sun will no longer impact the interior of your home. Additionally, and very importantly, a solar screen will provide shade for the glass itself of your home’s windows, therefore eliminating your windows from getting hot {touch your glass now to see how hot it is}. By keeping the windows themselves from getting hot, the significant transferring of heat from hot (heated-up) windows into your home will be eliminated. With solar screens shading your home’s windows, you will eliminate the hot harmful sun’s direct rays from entering your home through your windows, and you will shade your windows from the sun keeping the windows from getting hot and turning into a huge problematic source of heat. If you want to reduce the temperature within your home, lessen the load on your air-conditioner and significantly reduce the amount of electricity used to run your air-conditioning unit, using solar screens to shade your home’s windows from the hot sun is not only a must, it is imperative.

Video: Benefits of Solar Window Screens

How much do your installed Solar Window Screens cost?

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  How many Windows do you want the Solar Screens for?
  Would you also like Insect (Bug) Screens for Windows you do not want Solar Screens for?
  How many of these Windows are Arched?
  How many Solar Screens do you want to upgrade to the 90% Fabric?
  Is this an order to put Solar Screens on all the windows of your home?
  This is an estimated installed total out of pocket cost (includes a measure trip, materials, manufacturing of the solar window screens, an installation trip & sales-tax).  This estimated cost is based on an average size 35"x60" window using our 80% Fabric.

What Colors are available for your Solar Window Screens?

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