190.3652 Black/Tan 1956″ $1068 (21)


This is a black fabric and tan frame Pflugerville, Texas solar window screen installation we completed on July 17th, 2013. We installed a total 21 solar screens using 1956 inches.

The installation cost for this job was $1068. This customer put solar screens on every window of their home to include the front, left, right, and back sides of the home. The customer did not leave one window uncovered with the exception of the back patio door. The customer did not put a solar screen on that back patio door.

Here is a picture showing the front of the home. This picture shows five of the windows on the front of the home. There are actually eight windows on the front of the home, but this picture shows five. The five that it shows are the 90 percent fabric.

Total inches 1956″, installed cost $1068, (21) solar screens

3652 (5)

Front 80%: (2)10×70, 70×16 (around front door, not shown in picture)
Front 90%: (2)17×72, 35×72, (2)35×60

Five of these windows, we used the 90 percent fabric for, and three of them, we used the 80 percent fabric for. That area that we put the 80 percent fabric for are around the front door. Two side lite windows, one on either side of the front door, and then one 70 by 7, 70 by 16 inch window over the front door.

This is a picture (below) of the left side of the home. You have one 35 by 60 window that opens up and down. That’s the first window here in this picture. Then, you have a 48 by 47 non‑opening window that leads into the bathroom. The non‑opening windows, we always direct screw the solar screen to the channeling that goes around the glass that holds the glass in place.

3652 (6)

Left 90%: 35×60, 48×47

This is a picture of the right side (below) of the house. You got two 35 by 60, side by side windows there on the right side of the house. Notice, that’s one solar screen per window, meaning, there’s two 35 by 60 inch windows there that’s not one 70 inch wide by 60 inch tall window.

We put on one solar screen per window.  Visit this section where we explain how solar screens fit on to windows.

In this case, that’s actually two physical windows, therefore it calls for two solar screens. So when you do your pricing, just keep in mind when you do your measurements, that’s two 35 by 60s, not one 70 by 60.

3652 (3)

Right 80%: (2)35×60

This picture is of the back of this customer’s home. Here on the back of the home, we installed nine 80 percent, 35 by 60 solar screens. We installed a solar screen on each of these nine windows. We did not put an Austin TX solar screen on that back patio door.

I don’t know that it looks all that bad to not have a solar screen on this particular back patio door, because of the way that the door sits and compare to the other windows that face a different direction than the other windows.

3652 (4)

Back 80%: (9)35×60

I don’t know. It’s one of those judgment calls. It’s a personal preference. If it was my home, I would have put one on that back patio door, just so that I had a solar screen on every piece of glass on the house that all stays the same, and it’s all uniform. An argument could be made that it didn’t need it. It doesn’t need it and it doesn’t look all that bad.

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