188.3650 1-Story All Windows (14)


Here is a Leander, Texas solar screen installation we did for a customer on July 16th, 2013. We installed solar screens on every window of this customer’s one story home. We used a total of 1,244 inches. The installed sales tax total price was $778.

Total inches 1244″, installed cost $778, (14) solar screens

We built and installed 14 solar screens on this customer’s home. On the back of the house, on the right side of the house, we used the 90 percent solar screen fabric. On the front and left side of the home we used the 80 percent solar screen fabric.  Click here to see how much solar screens cost to get an estimated cost for your Austin TX home.


3650 (5)

Back 90%: (7)35×59, door 23×37

This picture above here shows the back of the home. It shows seven 35 by 59 inch, 90 percent solar screens and one 23 by 37 inch solar screen that we installed on that back patio door. The customer could have left the back patio door uncovered, but they chose to put a solar screen on it and I applaud them for doing so.  Click here to see how we install solar window screens on back patio doors/

It looks really good. They did a great job by installing a solar screen on that back patio door. They did not leave one screen or one window uncovered on this home.

3650 (3)

Front 80%: (2)35×59

This picture here shows the front and left sides of the home where we built five 35 by 59 inch, 80 percent solar screens. We used a white solar screen framing.

3650 (4)

Left 80%: (3)35×59
(Not Shown) Right 90%: 46×10

These windows are made to hold a full‑size solar screen, meaning at the top of the window there’s a lip (track) up there that the solar screen fits into, the framing of the solar screen fits behind. At the bottom of the window, there’s a lip (track) there that the solar screen sits into.  To see how solar window screens install on to windows like this, click here.

When we build solar screens for these kind of windows we put very heavy duty springs, they’re called leaf springs, at the top of the window. We do not use small springs that are made for insect and bug screens. We use actual leaf springs, heavy duty leaf springs, and we put those at the top of the solar screen and then we pop the solar screens into the windows.

We just slide them right in and by means of pressure from those heavy duty springs that holds those screens into place. To learn more about that you can take a look at our videos of How we install solar screens page and I illustrate it all quite clearly there.



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