187.3648 Choc/Tan 2680″ $1524 (27)


In Pflugerville, Texas on July 12th, 2013 we installed 27 of our custom handmade solar screens on this customer’s house for an install cost of $1,524.

Total inches 2680″, installed cost $1524, (27) solar screens

We made hand‑made 27 Pflugerville solar screens and installed them for a total of 2,680 inches for an installed cost of only $1,524. We put solar screens on all the front, all the right, all the left and all the back windows, on every window of this Pflugerville TX customer’s house.

11 of the windows we upgraded to the 90 percent fabric and the 11 windows that we upgraded to the 90 percent fabric are on the back of the home.  Visit this section on my website that explains the difference between the 80% and 90% solar window screen fabric, and when you would want to use one over the other.

We used a chocolate fabric with tan framing. Now, one wouldn’t think to use tan framing for this house, because the window frames are white, they’re not tan, but the trim going around the house, it is tan.

3648 (3)

Solar Window Screens Pflugerville TX home.   Front 80%: (2)35×59, 47×71, (2)23×59, (2)35×71, (2)23×71, arch 52×76, 11×69

By using the tan frame for the solar screens, it tied in really well with that trim color. By looking at these pictures, you really can’t see how great it looks. If you were to see this first hand, if you were standing there in front of the house, you would see that that tan frame is really pretty and it matches the trim around the house really well.

You don’t have to match your window frame color, we can often use the champagne or even the tan, but there has to be something on the home to tie in with so it’s not its own separate color, so that it’s just part of the combination of colors that you have for the house.

Here on the front of the solar screens Pflugerville TX home, these are all 80 percent solar screens. We installed quite a few solar screens on the front of their house. As you can see, they did not leave one window uncovered.

The front of this solar window screen Pflugerville home does not face west, so the front of the home does not get a ton of sun, however, the customer did not want any of these windows to be uncovered because they didn’t want the front of their home to look incomplete or unfinished.

You can tell by looking at that arched window over the front door and then a side light to the left of the front door. Those windows likely do not get very much of any sun, however, leaving those windows uncovered would have looked odd. It would’ve looked unfinished.

This Pflugerville solar screens customer chose to not leave any of their windows on their house uncovered and I applaud them for doing so. The install cost was only $1,524. It wasn’t like it cost a whole lot to just put a solar screen on every single window on their home.

3648 (4)

Pflugerville TX solar screens home.  Left 80%: (3)35×71, 23×47, 35×59

This picture above here shows the left side of the house. Here on the left side of the house you have on the first floor three 35 by 71 inch windows and there on the second floor, top left corner, you have a 35 by 59 and you have a 23 by 47 that feeds into the bathroom there on the second floor. These are all made out of the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

3648 (6)

Pflugerville TX solar window screens house.  Back 90%: (2)35×59, (4)35×71, door 23×36, (2)47×71, (2)47×59

This picture is of the back of the home showing 90 percent solar screens. All of these windows are covered. The customer did not leave the back patio door uncovered. Solar screens for Doors  The customer put a solar screen on that back patio door. Look how nice this job looks. All of these windows are covered.

All of the back, all of the left and all of the front are covered. This particular home does not have any windows on the right side of it. We didn’t put a solar screen on the right side because there aren’t any windows.

Look how well these frames fit. Look at them, they are not unsquare, they’re not off‑level. They all fit really well and they look good. There’s no sagging, there’s no bowing, there’s no places in the fabric where you’ll see where the fabric is bunching. They’re all rolled nice and tight and they all fit extremely well.

Front entry for Pflugerville solar window screens installation. For consistency this homeowner chose to put the solar window screens on all of the windows to include these within this entryway.

Front entry for Pflugerville solar window screens installation. For consistency this homeowner chose to put the solar window screens on all of the windows to include these within this entryway.

Here’s a picture of the two windows above and around the front door. These two windows are made out of the 80 percent fabric. You can kind of tell that we used a tan frame, but what I want you to really look at is there’s a white window framing that goes around the window and you’re going to see about an inch of it going around the window.

You don’t really see it all that much, do you? We get asked quite often about putting the solar screens on white windows using a tan frame and leaving some of that white window frame showing if it’s going to look bad.

I just don’t think it does. I have never heard from a customer being really upset that some of the white window frames show.

There are situations like this where you can use that tan frame on top of white window framing and it looks really good.

I’ll always make my recommendations to you whenever I see the house. If I think you’re one of those situations, I will make that recommendation to you.

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