185.3646 Some Front All Back

[#3646] This is an installation that consisted of eight solar screens. A total of 754 inches. We installed some solar screens on the front and all of the windows we put solar screens on, on the back of the house. The customer did not put any solar screens on the left or right side of the house and the customer left off solar screens for the windows underneath the front patio porch.

We completed this installation on July 16th, 2013. We used a black solar screen fabric and the white frame. These are Champion style windows, meaning we used diecast metal turn clips to hold the screens in place.

Total inches 754″, installed cost $537, (8) solar screens

This home-owner had already used window tint on these four front windows.  Because the window film or window tint was not all that effective, the customer asked for solar screens.  For more information, please read the post I wrote about this subject titled Window Film or Window Tint verses Solar Screens?

3646 (3)

Front 90%: (2)35×60, (2)35×72.  We also manufacturer our own line of Austin porch shades which would have looked nice on this front porch.

These windows were not made to hold full‑size screens, so we had to use our turn clips of which we screwed into the outside of the window frame and by means of pressure, the turn clips hold the solar screens up against the window.

This picture here of the front of the home is the side that we’re using 90 percent solar screen fabric for. We put four 90 percent solar screens on the front of this house, however, the customer did not want solar screens on the window to the right of the front door, that side light window or that small opening window to the right of the front door.

I just am not a fan of how this looks. Now, also, on the left or the right side of this house, the customer did not put any solar screens on those windows. Not only do you just have four windows on the front of your house with solar screens and not any on the front windows underneath the patio, which you do not have solar screens on the left or right side of the house.

When you drive up to the house, you’re going to see that. You drive up to the house, you just see four windows with solar screens and all these others on the left, right and the ones underneath the patio without solar screens.

To me, it just doesn’t look very good and the cost would not have been all that much more. This total install cost here was only $537 and it wouldn’t have cost all that much more to have put solar screens on the left, right and those windows underneath the front patio.


3646 (4)

Back 80%: 48×48, 35×36, door 23×65, 35×60

Here for the back of the home, we put up four solar screens. We used the 80 percent solar screen fabric. There’s a horizontal sliding window there on the second floor that we put a solar screen on.

These horizontal sliding windows, we have to direct screw those, because there’s not enough room to put turn clips on those. Now, on the first floor, we put a solar screen on the back patio door and then that little kitchen window to the right there that opens up and down, we put a solar screen on it.

Then, what would lead to their dining room? The 35 by 60, we put a solar screen on it.

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