183.3644 Choc/Brown 1 Story 90%

[#3644] On July 15th, 2013 we installed eight solar window screens on this Austin, Texas home. We used the chocolate solar screen fabric and brown frame. We put these eight solar screens on the front of this customer’s home.

The customer chose to use a 90 percent solar screen fabric for their eight windows.

Total inches 666″, installed cost $413, (8) solar screens

3644 (4)

Front 90%: (2)31×59, (2)35×48, 35×36

These eight windows were all made to hold a full size solar screen in place, meaning we were able to spring load the top of the solar screens so that they fit behind a lip at the top of the window and they sat into a lip at the bottom of the window and by means of the spring, it held the screen in place.

We did not need to use any kind of turn clips or screws or mounting hardware. By checking out our videos of How we install page, you will see that there’s a section there that clearly illustrates this so that if you take a look at that page you will know what kind of windows you have on your home.

What’s interesting by looking at this picture, you see those two side‑by‑side windows there on the front of the house and the left‑hand side. Looking at those two side‑by‑side windows covered with the 90 percent solar screen fabric. Look how it looks like you can almost see through that fabric and you can see the blinds.

3644 (3)

Front 90%: (3)35×48

It looks like the fabric is transparent even though it’s a 90 percent fabric. People, quite often, will ask, “Well, when I put this 90 percent fabric up, is it just going to make it pitch dark?”

In most of my pictures that I take, I guess it’s because the way the sun’s hitting it and the angle and so forth. It looks like the fabric is solid, but in this picture you’ll see that you could see the blinds and so you’ll see that the fabric doesn’t look solid.

Now, if you look underneath my questions and answers page, I have pictures there showing you what it looks like looking out of a 90 percent fabric. You’ll be just quite amazed that how clearly you can see through this fabric.

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