182.3643 Choc/Brown 2028″ $1180 (22)

[#3643] This is a chocolate fabric and brown frame Pflugerville, Texas solar screen installation that we completed on a home off of Sea Island drive on Friday, July 12th, 2013. This solar screen installation consisted of 2,028 inches. The total installed cost for this job was $1,180. We installed 22 solar screens.

Total inches 2028″, installed cost $1180, (22) solar screens

We custom handmade 22 solar screens, 11 of them being 90 percent fabric solar screens, three of them being arched solar screens, for $1180. We put the 90 percent fabric on four of the front windows, not all of the front windows but four of the front windows and then 90 percent fabric on all of the back of the home.

This picture shows the front of this solar screens Pflugerville TX home, where we installed, two 35 by 71 and two, 34 by 16, 90 percent solar screens there under the front patio. To the right of the front door, those are 90 percent solar screens. Those two side by side 35 by 71s and those two 34 by 16 side by sides on top.

3643 (8)

Front 80%: 34×10, 1/2 circle 34×16, 35×71, 23×47

Those are made out of the 90 percent fabric and then the solar screen over the front door, that’s an 80 percent solar screen and then to the left of that, you are going to see a 35 by 71‑inch solar screen with a 35 by 16 inch half circle solar screen on top. That’s made out of the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

3643 (4)

Front 90%: (2)35×71, (2)34×16

Here on the right side of the home, we have two 80 percent solar screens, we built a 47 by 59, 80 percent solar screen and a 49 by 49, 80 percent solar screen. The 47 by 59 is the one on the left side and that is a horizontal sliding window. The one that slides from left to right or right to left, one that opens up the window to the right there, that’s square, 49 by 49, that’s a bathroom window.

It’s probably one of the glass block type of windows, we get asked quite often if we can put a solar screen on the glass block windows and the answer is yes.

3643 (5)

Right 80%: 47×59, 49×49

Here on the back of the home, we installed a total of eight solar screens, all of them, we made out of the 90 percent fabric.

We installed a solar screen on the customer’s back patio door.


3643 (6)

Back 90%: (5)35×71, door 23×65, (2)47×71

This back patio could have benefited greatly by using one of our Austin TX porch blinds. We could have used one of our exterior patio roller shades who provided this back patio for temporary shade.

All of the windows, the five windows to the left of the back patio door, are 35 by 71 inch in size and then to the right of the back door, you are going to have two, 47 by 71 inch, solar screens. This customer correctly chose to put a solar screen on that back patio door.

Imagine what this picture would have looked like had there not been a solar screen on that back patio door. This Pflugerville solar screens customer has a covering over the back patio and as you can see, in this picture, it is shaded. However, I’m sure that at some point in the day, he got plenty of sun through that back patio door.

Now, if he did not put a solar screen on that back patio door, from the inside of your home, looking out, you are going to see that some of the windows are shaded and then the back patio is not and that back patio is going to let a significant amount of light in versus the others. From the inside of the home, it just feels wrong.

It’s my suggestion that you put a solar screen on all of the windows when they are next to each other to include, that back patio door. This is a picture of the left side of the home where we used 80 percent solar screen fabric.

You have starting from left to right, we’ve got a 47 inch by 23 inch window, that window slides left to right, right to left and then right next to it you got another one that slides left to right or right to left and it’s 47 inch by 59 inch in height.

3643 (9)

Left 80%: (2-1/2 archs)35×71, 47×59, 47×23

Then to the right you’ve got two half arch windows mounted next to each other, joined in the middle. That’s two windows, therefore, it’s two solar screens and in this case, it’s two solar screens made as two half arches. This is not one big arched window with one width and one height measurement.

It’s two arched windows with two widths and two heights. One solar screen per window.

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