181.3642 Choc/White Back & Right

[#3642] This is an installation that we did for a customer in Pflugerville, Texas, off of Alison Ann Court we completed the installation on July 12th, 2013. We installed a total of 12 solar screens.

Total inches 987″, installed cost $682, (10) solar screens

We installed solar screens on the back and on the right‑hand side.

Now, this customer just one month prior had us put solar screens on the front and left‑hand side of the house. After she tried them out on the front and left‑hand side, she turned around and put an order in for us to put them on all the rest of the windows of her home.

This picture here shows the back of the home. It shows two 47 by 71s to the left of the back door and then three 35 by 71s to the right of the back door.

This home-owner also contracted us to do a commercial roller shades Austin TX project for the company he works for, ALI Telecom here in Austin.

Now, the picture doesn’t show the back door to have a solar screen, but we did put one on that door, we put one on that door after this picture was taken.

3642 (4)

Back 90%: (2)47×71, door 23×37, (3)35×71

This customer put a solar screen on each and every window of her home. She chose to put the 90 percent fabric on these windows as well as all the other windows on her house because she works at night and sleeps during the day and she wanted the house to be as dark as she possibly could get it.

This picture shows the right side of the house. You have two 35 by 59‑inch windows on the second floor there and then you’ve got a bathroom, 47 by 47 window and then you’ve got a lonely, 60 inch by 31 inch tall half circle window.

3642 (3)

Right 90%: (2)35×59, 47×47, 1/2 circle 60×31.  This is a good looking outdoor shades Austin TX project that we did.

It looks odd on the house to have a half circle window just sitting out there in the open like that just all by itself. Sometimes we come across homes like this and this is one of those situations.

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