180.3640 Choc/White 1428″ $892 (13)

[#3640] This is a chocolate, solar window screen fabric with white frame installation that we did for this Leander Texas home. This is the second job that we did for this house, we completed an installation about a year prior, doing some of their windows and then the customer requested us to come back over and finish off the rest of the house.

Total inches 1428″, installed cost $892, (13) solar screens

We installed 13 solar screens, a total of 1,428 inches on this Wednesday, July the 10th 2013 day. We put solar screens on the left and backside of the home. On our first installation, the first time that we put solar screens on this customer’s home, we put solar screens on the front and right side of the house.

The customer liked them so much that they requested us to come over and put solar screens on the left and back side, of the house.

The following two pictures show the back of the home, where we installed 80 percent solar screens. We assembled and installed (3)46×84, (2)22×84, (4)34×84 and (1)46×48 solar screens on the back of the home.

3640 (5)

Back 80%: (3)46×84, (2)22×84, (4)34×84, 46×48


3640 (4)

This picture here shows the left side of the home, where there is a 48 by 11‑inch window that’s behind the shrubs that you cannot see. There over the AC unit, there is a large 48 inch wide by 59 inches tall horizontal sliding window and to the left of that, after, by the fence, there is a 46 by 48 none opening, bathroom window.

3640 (7)

Left 80%: 48×11, 48×59, 46×48

We had previously installed solar screens for the front and right sides of this home, and a year later after the customer experienced having solar screens on some of his windows, he called us and requested that we finish out the rest of the home by putting solar screens on all the rest of his windows.

So often people will try one side or a handful of screens only to later do just what this customer did and screen the rest of their windows.  You can save significantly by taking advantage of our quantity discounted pricing system by doing all the windows at one time verses breaking the order up into multiple projects.

3640 (3)

Front of home. These screens were installed during a previous installation.

All windows that do not open will have channeling of some sort to go around the glass and it’s that channeling that we direct screw our solar screens to like that non-opening window there to the left of the front door.

The following picture is a great close that shows some really large solar screens that we have mounted using our diecast metal turn clips.

Eight inches from the bottom and eight inches from the top, you are going to see those diecast metal turn clips. Those turn clips turn and by pressure they hold the screen up against the window.

3640 (6)

This close-up picture shows these large solar screens installed using our die-cast metal clips.


Often, we will put screws there at the break of the window on the left and right side to A, keep the wind from getting behind the screen and pulling the screen out and to B, keep the screen from possibly sliding down.

There are situations where, the screen can possibly slide down and over time with the wind blowing and pulling, it will cause those clips to turn a little bit and make them a little bit loose and that screen can slide down.

I often will see, installers that don’t use this technique and method and I will see where their screens have slidden down. It’s common, I see it all of the time when I’m driving around, going to people’s houses and I’ll see a house next door and I’ll take a look at it and invariably if they didn’t do something like this, I’ll find one or two screens that are not still perfectly positioned.

I mean center screwing those there, that makes those screens fit perfectly up against that window and stay that way forever. Now, when you take those screens down, you obviously have to put them right back on the same window that you took them down from, it’s very important as you want the holes to line up.

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