178.3633 Choc/White 1520″ $941 (16)

[#3633]  This is a chocolate fabric with white frame, Austin, Texas, solar screen installation we completed for a customer on July 8, 2013, installed 1520 inches, 16 solar screens. The installed shade screen cost was $941. We installed solar window screens on the front, left, and back of this customer’s home. On the front of the home, the customer put 90 percent solar screens on the second floor, (4) 35 by 60 windows, and 80 percent solar screens on the first floor, (2) 35 by 60 windows.

Total inches 1520″, installed cost $941, (16) solar screens

The customer put 90 percent solar screens on all of his windows with exception of the two windows on the first floor under the patio, covered by the patio.

3633 (3)

Front 90%: (4)35×60
Front 80%: (2)35×60

This is a picture here showing the left side of the house. These kind of windows we put the solar screens on are called Champion Windows. It’s a manufacturer that was around up until about eight years ago.

3633 (4)

Left 90%: (2)35×60

For these Champion type of windows, we put solar screens on using our diecast metal clips. We screwed these diecast metal clips into the window frame that, and by pressure they hold the solar screen up against the window. Take a look at our videos posted on our “How We install” page that will show you all this by means of videos.

This is a picture of the back of the house. Here on the back of the house, there are eight 35 by 60 solar screens using the 90 percent fabric. The customer did not put a solar screen on the back patio door. However, they put solar screens on all of the other back windows. These are all Champion Windows that require diecast metal turn clips.

3633 (5)

Back 90%: (8)35×60

To have provided shade for that back patio, the customer could have used our outdoor patio blinds as a solution.  And, we could have made our Austin outdoor patio shades form the same fabric we made the solar screens out of.

Even though these windows are marked as 35 by 60s, they have their own set of measurements, meaning, the windows up top there will probably have one set of measurements, and the windows down below might have another set of measurements.

You might have one window next to another with different measurements.

I try to keep some sense of uniformity with these measurements. However, windows will have flashing on top of them, or stone, metal, trim or something on top of them. I try to make these solar screens built as tightly as I possibly can. By doing so, I will often have to use different measurements for these kind of windows.

If you have windows that are Pop-In, then, generally, they’re all of the same sizes (the same build measurements), but these surface mounted windows where I use diecast metal clips, they will often have different kinds of height measurements.


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