176.3626 Choc/White $900 1458″ (15)

[#3626] This is a solar screen installation we did for a customer in Georgetown, Texas. Completed the installation on July 9th, 2013. The customer wanted us to install solar screens on every window of her home with the exception of one window on the left side of the house. The one window on the left of the house was a horizontal sliding window for the bathroom. The solar screen fabric that we used for this house was a chocolate fabric with white frame.

Total inches 1458″, installed cost $900, (15) solar screens

3626 (3)

Front 80%: (2)36×71, 23×71, 35×71

We put a total of 15 solar screens on this house. The back side of the home was the side that faces due west, so we used the 90 percent solar screen fabric for the back of the home.

This picture here (above) illustrates the front of the home where you have a set of side‑by‑side windows. That means there’s two windows. There’s two windows mounted next to each other. It’s called side‑by‑side windows. Each of these windows takes its own solar screen.

As illustrated here, you got two 36 by 71 windows, therefore, we’re going to need two 36 by 71 solar screens. Be sure when you do your measurements for your pricing, that you do not do that as one big window. It’s not. It’s two separate windows, therefore, it’s two separate solar screens.

At the right of the front door, you have a 35 by 71.  Not shown in the picture to its left, to the left of the front door, you have a 23 by 71. The customer could have chosen to have not put solar screens on the windows that are around the front door. But for consistency, she chose to do it, to put solar screens on those windows. The home looks just that much better for doing so.

3626 (4)

Left 80% Complimentary screen per Josh: 48×11

This is the left side of the customer’s home. This particular window here, the customer did not want to put a solar screen on this window. I wanted a solar screen on it because I knew that this house would look that much better if this window had a solar screen on it. I went ahead and built the solar screen for her, and gave it to her for free at a $34.81 cost. She didn’t have to pay for it.

I knew that if she put solar screens on all of the other windows of her home with exception to this one that she would, later on, want this one window done. It happens so often with people that do not put solar screens on all their windows. They’ll leave one or two windows off, and then they’ll call back and want those screened at a later date. So, I strongly encourage customers to put solar screens on all of their windows, and not leave any of them uncovered.

3626 (5)

Back 90%: (7)35×71, door 23×65.  Two of our custom hand made Austin outdoor roller shades would have optimally shaded this back patio.

This is the back of the home.  It illustrates 35 by 71 windows. A total of seven of them and one 23 by 65 patio door. These eight windows were covered using the 90 percent solar screen fabric. It’s this side of the home that faces due west.

3626 (7)

Right 80%: (2)36×71

This is is the right side of the home. There are two more 36 by 71 windows here. This picture here is a great one that illustrates the chocolate fabric. You can tell by this picture, that this is the chocolate solar screen fabric. In so many other pictures, because the lighting isn’t so great, you can’t really tell that it’s a chocolate fabric, but in this picture, it’s quite clear.

3626 (6)

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