174.3623 No Kitchen Garden Windows

[#3623] This is a solar screen installation we completed in Pflugerville, Texas. We performed the installation on Friday, July 5th, 2013. The installed cost for this project was $707. We installed a total of 12 solar screens. We put solar screens on the front, right and back of the home.

The front of the home we’re using 90 percent solar screen fabric for.

Total inches 1044″, installed cost $707, (12) solar screens

3623 (3)

Front 90%: 47×69, 1/2 circle 48×24, 1/2 circle 44×22, 43×72.  Showing (4) Pflugerville solar window screens.

Here on the right side (pictured below) of the house you’ll see that there’s a bump outset of windows there. You got two windows that are going to be 28 by 60 in size, and two that are 10 by 60 in size.

To the left of that, you have a garden box that feeds into the kitchen. That garden box is something I do not put solar screens on, so if you need that garden box shaded, I suggest you maybe make an awning, or something along those lines, to provide shade for it, because I do not put solar screens on garden boxes.

3623 (4)

Back 80%: (1)35×60, (2)28×60, (2)10×60.  Pflugerville TX solar screens installation.
For the kitchen garden window shown above, we do not install solar screens over these. This is the one very rare type of windows that we do not install solar screens on/over.



This picture here shows the back of the home. We used the 80 percent solar screen fabric for the back of the home. There are two 35 by 60 windows and one 23 by 50 windows.

3623 (5)

Back 80%: (2)35×60, 23×50

3623 (6)

Right 80%: 23×60

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