173.3622 Choc/Brown 905″ $606 (9)

[#3622]  This is a solar screen installation that we did in South Austin. The installation consisted of nine solar screens. The nine solar screens were for all of the windows on the back of the house with the exception of the back patio door.

Total inches 905″, installed cost $606, (9) solar screens

For these top four windows, the customer had tried window tint.  The rooms still got so hot, that the customer wanted more protection, so they ended up getting solar window screens from us.  If you are considering window tint or window film vs solar screens, read this article of mine.

3622 (4)

Back 90%: (3)35×60, 49×48, (2)35×72, (2)23×72, 47×72

This homeowner plans on putting up roller shades for his patio at a later date.  We could have shaded his back patio there with one of our Austin outdoor roll up blinds.

 The customer chose to upgrade all of the nine solar screens to the 90 percent solar screen fabric.  The fabric that we used was a chocolate fabric with the brown framing.

Solar screens do not cover the entire window frame. If we have to use clips, then there’s going to be at least a quarter of an inch of the window framing that will show. If the solar screens fit into the window’s framing, then you’re going to have the window framing on the left and right and the top and bottom that will show.

If you want to use a brown solar screen frame and you think that that’s going to cover up your entire window’s white frame, it doesn’t.

This picture here is a fine illustration of just that. You can see white window framing on either side of these solar screens. These solar screens were made with the brown frame.  Some of the window frames still showing.

Look at the side‑by‑side, 35 by 72 windows that are on the first floor to the left of the front door. You see right there in the center, that’s called a mullion. That center mullion is what separates the two windows. Now that center mullion is white.  Then you can see also on the left and right sides, for almost all of these screens, you’ll see white.  That’s because a solar screen rarely covers up the entire frame.

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