172.3621 Gray/White 2426″ $1334 (28)

[#3621] This is a solar screen installation we completed for a customer in Austin, Texas on Monday, July the 8th, 2013. We installed a total of 28 solar screens totaling 2,426 inches. The customer used the 80 percent solar screen fabric for all 28 solar screens.

Total inches 2426″, installed cost $1334, (28) solar screens

The installed cost for this entire 28 solar window screen project was only $1,334. When you look at these pictures here, you will see that the customer did not put solar screens on all of her windows. She put solar screens on most, but not all of the windows. The customer had quite a few more windows than 28. Like on the right side of the house, the customer did not put solar screens on all of those windows, she left two uncovered. On the back of the house, the customer left quite a few windows uncovered under the patio. On the front of the home, the customer windows uncovered under the patio and around the front door.

The neat thing about this job is that we got to use our gray solar window screen fabric with white frame. It’s not all that often that we get to use a gray fabric but every now and then when we do, it sure can be pretty. It’s got to be used with the perfect exterior brick to make it work. If you will see, this brick here has got some grayish and pink tones to it, that are definitely in that same solar screen fabric gray family. So, it works really well.

Our gray fabric, it has a bluish tint and tone to it. So, it’s not a shade or a shade less than black gray. It’s a gray that’s got a bluish tint to it. People will often say, “We want a gray fabric” and I have to clarify with them because the fabric manufacturer chose to this bluish gray a gray. It’s not a charcoal gray.  While the fabric is a gray, it has a mild bluish tone to it.  When you order a sample kit from our website, you will get to see it first-hand, or when I come by to the home to measure I will show you then or leave behind my sample screens for you to see.

This following picture is of the right side of this customer’s home. See there on the first floor, the customer did not put solar screens on the left and right sides of that bay window.  The customer chose to leave those windows uncovered.  I would have preferred to have seen these windows covered.

3621 (4)

Right 80%: 24×47, 23×47, 24×24, 23×24, (2)30×60, 34×60

Sometimes, it’s rare, but sometimes we will have to use two solar screens for a window. It’s rare but occasionally it comes up. In this case, on the second floor, you got a horizontal sliding window. In this case, we had to use a solar screen for the opening portion of the window and then a solar screen for the non‑opening portion of the window. So, we had to break this window up into two solar screens. Again, it is very rare that we have to do this but occasionally it does come up.

The picture below is of the front of this home. You have four, 34 x 72s shown in this picture, there on the first floor and the second floor. Not shown, that’s over the front patio, you got two, 24 x 44s.

For underneath the patio the customer chose to not put solar screens on the half circle over the front door or the side‑lite windows to the left and right of the front door.

This picture here is a great illustration of that gray fabric with the complementary brick and blue trim that goes around the house. It’s a great illustration showing you how well that fabric looks with this kind of brick and trim combination.

3621 (3)

Front 80%: (2)24×44, (4)34×72

When I see your home, I will always, always size it up for color recommendations.  I am really good at it. If I think this gray fabric will look good on your home, I will leave that on my recommendation sheet and I will also leave you a large sample solar screen of that gray fabric behind so that when you get home, you’ll see that recommendation sheet and you’ll see that fabric sample . Don’t worry about if you think the gray will look good or not, as whenever I come over to the house, I will size the home up and I will know immediately if the gray will be a good fit for your home.  If I don’t recommend it to you that means that I know it won’t look good on your home.

This is a picture of the back of the home. You see the gray fabric still looks good on the back of the home, even though that brick isn’t on the second floor. This is something you have to take into consideration whenever you use a gray, stucco or beige colored fabric.  In this case, this gray fabric does look good there over the second floor window because it ties in with the blue painted trim that she has going around the window.  If that trim going around the window was the same color as the siding, then the gray screen may have not looked as good.  That dark trim going around the window made this work, look good.



3621 (5)

Back 80%: (2)34×72, (2)42×60, (3)30×72, (4)34×60, (2)22×60, (2)30×47

For this porch we could have used our roll up patio blinds to have provided shade for it.

Whether it be the stucco, whether it be the beige, or whether it be this gray fabric, you need to make sure the fabric of choice looks good on all sides of the home that you want to use it on.  In many case, these lighter fabric color choices will look good with the brick on the front of the house or the stone on the front of the house, but not with the siding that makes up the rest of the home. For when you go to the back of the house, for the homes that do not have the stone that wraps all the way around the house, where you will have hardi or siding, you need to make sure the fabric looks good with that as well as the brick or stone.  Again, don’t worry too much about all this, as when I see the home I will make color recommendations.

Also, you’ll see that this customer did not put solar screens on her patio door there. And, she did not put solar screens on any of the windows under her patio, she left all of those windows  uncovered.  I would have preferred to have seen solar screens on all of these windows for consistency.


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