171.3619 Black/White 2432″ $1402 (24)

[#3619] This is a solar screen installation we did for a customer in Austin, Texas.  We installed a total of 24 solar screens, totaling 2,432 inches.  We used a black solar screen fabric, and a white frame.

Total inches 2432″, installed cost $1402, (24) solar screens

We put a solar window screen on every window of this customer’s home, to include the front, left, right, and back sides of the house.

The customer upgraded 15 of their solar screens to a 90 percent solar screen fabric.

The following picture shows the right side of the house using the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

Those are rather large windows, uncommonly large, 47 inches wide by 84 inches tall.

If you take notice, you’ll see the grid work in the window. You can see that grid work through that 80 percent fabric.

People will ask me,” How dense or how dark will these solar window screens be?”  This picture here is a good illustration. You can see that grid work pretty well.  You will be able to see roughly a foot past (through) the window (80% solar screen).

3619 (4)

Right 80%: (2)47×84

This is a picture of the left side of the house.

There are two, 90 percent solar screens there. You got a 48×47 which leads into a bathroom. Then on top, you got a horizontal sliding window that’s 16 inches wide x 47 inches tall.

That one that leads into the bathroom is a fixed window, that one that does not open.

For all fixed windows that do not open, we direct screw the solar screens to the framing that goes around the glass. Typically, you have a channeling that goes around the glass that’s screwed to the window framing that holds the glass in place. It’s that channeling that we will screw our solar screens to.

3619 (5)

Left 90%: 48×47, 60×47

We did not capture by pictures all the windows on this house. On the back of the home, they are quite a few windows and we do not have pictures available to show you for all of those windows.

This picture here shows you the front of a home that has our 90% solar window screens.

You’ll see the customer did not leave a single window uncovered. I applaud him for doing that.

3619 (3)

Front 90% over garage: 1/2 circle 47×24, (2)11×60, 47×60
(Not Shown) Back 90% under patio: (2)47×72, 23×72, (2)47×84
(Not Shown) Back 90% bay window: (2)23×72, 47×72, 1/2 circle 48×25

The cost of this job was only $1,400 for 24 windows to be covered.

So, this customer saw the value and did not choose to leave any of these front windows uncovered.

He very well could have left the ones around the front door uncovered like other home owners occasionally do. Just imagine how incomplete this picture would have looked. How incomplete the front of this home would have looked with the windows around the front door uncovered.

The customer, by choosing to put solar screens on all windows especially those here on front the house makes the house look so much better.


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