170.3614 Choc/White 1678″ $1030 (18)

[#3614] This is a solar screen installation, that we completed on Tuesday, July the 2nd, 2013. We did this installation for a customer in Cedar Park, Texas.

The fabric color that we used is the black fabric, with white framing.

This customer wanted every one of his windows covered using the 90 percent fabric. Each of these 18 solar screens, we upgraded to the 90 percent solar screen fabric.

Total inches 1678″, installed cost $1030, (18) solar screens

Generally when a person wants to upgrade all of their solar screens to a 90 percent fabric, it is because that customer wants the inside of their home to be really dark during the day.

Typically, that is the case for people that work in the evening, and need to sleep during the day.

If you are one of those people, and you are putting an order in with us, just let us know. We are very considerate and careful to not make noises while we’re outside measuring or while we’re outside putting the solar screens on.

We do not need to knock on the door nor do we need to ring the door bell to wake you up.

If I know that you’re sleeping during the day, I’ll very much appreciate and respect that, and will be extra careful not to disturb you.

The front of this house has six, 35 x 59 inch windows. Therefore we built six, 35 x 59 solar screens.

The customer did not leave any of these windows uncovered. He put a solar screen on each and every one of these front windows.

3614 (4)

Front 90%: (6)35×59

This is a picture of the right side of the home. There’s a total of six windows here, on the right side of the house. There are two there on the second floor, that are obviously visible. The size of those two windows are 35 x 59.

Then on the first floor, you’ve got one small, 35 x 35. Then you’ve got three 35 x 59s.

3614 (5)

Right 90%: 35×35, (5)35×59

The below picture is of the back of the home. The customer installed three, 35 x 59 solar screens.

The customer did not have a sliding door or a pocket rolled with the solar screen fabric in it installed. He chose to leave that sliding door and pocket uncovered.

I don’t remember what direction the back of this home faces.  If the back of the home faced West, then I would have liked to have seen him install a pocket and  sliding door to cover that glass to keep the sun from getting into the house.

It very well may be that the back of this home faces North.  By looking at the shadow created by the fence there on the right side of the picture, and remembering that this installation was done in the afternoon, tells me that the back of this home likely faces the North, therefore the sliding door did not warrant a sliding solar screen door.

3614 (6)

Back 90%: (3)35×59

This picture shows the left side of the home. There on the first floor, you’ll see that there are two, 35 x 59 inch windows.

There on the second floor, we built the customer a screen for that window on the second floor. However, he has an air‑conditioning unit there, popping out of that window.

We left the screen with him, so that he could put the screen on himself, once he removed that air‑conditioning unit.

Now, we could have built him a shorter screen, where it could have fit above that air‑conditioning window.

3614 (7)

Left 90%: (2)35×59, 46×58

Basically instead of being 59 inches long, we would have made it, say, 42 inches, or whatever the measurement came out, so it would just sit on top of that air‑conditioning unit.

We quite often do that. However, this guy here, he wanted to remove that unit so we built and left with him a full sized screen.

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