169.3611 Choc/White Not All Front

[#3611]  This is a solar screen installation we completed in Round Rock, Texas.

We did the installation on Tuesday, July the 2nd, 2013.

We put solar screens on some of this customer’s front windows, we did not put solar screens on all of the front windows.

We put six, 90 percent, chocolate fabric with white frame solar window screens on the front of this customer’s home.

Total inches 636″, installed cost $504, (6) solar screens

He has four, arched windows, you’ll see one, full arch over the garage door. Then to the left of that there is two, half arched windows on the first floor, and then one full arched window above that.

This is a 636″ job, and with the cost of the four arches ($20ea), and the six 90 percent fabric upgrades, the installation cost for this job was only $504.

3611 (3)

Front 90%: (2)23×59, (2 arches)47×71, (2-1/2 arches)35×83

Here in this picture, I wanted to illustrate what it looks like to put solar screens on some of your windows and not all of your windows.

For the front of your home, I just I’m not a fan of partially putting on solar screens.

3611 (4)

Now, he did break up the front of the house by putting solar screens on the right half of the front, but he did not put solar screens on the left half.

The idea here is the left half gets shaded by the patio, and the customer would have had four additional arch costs had he put solar screens there. So it would have cost him a bit more to have done those, however, I think that the house doesn’t look right. That’s my personal opinion.  I think that it looks incomplete when you leave some of your windows uncovered.

But, all of these decisions are subjective, and the decision is obviously up to you.  I always make my recommendation then leave you to make the final decision.

I want you to take a close look at the above picture and think to yourself if you had a home like this, is this what you would like your home to look like?  For some homeowners it is okay, for others it is not.  This picture is a great illustration showing you what it looks like to screen some and not others.

In the below picture I am illustrating an arched window that does not have a lip provision (track) at the top of it.  Occasionally, we will come across windows like this where the top of the window does not have a lip provision.

3611 (5)

A lip provision window installation is where we will spring load a screen and slide it behind the lip (track), and with this window it did not have that lip provision at the top of the window but did have it at the bottom of the window.

Because it did not have it at the top, we had to put a center screw at the top to hold the top of the screen.  Then on the left and right sides about two inches down, we put another screw. Doing so will for sure hold this screen in place.

Sometimes we will put flush clips. It’s dependent on IF we can put a flush clip, and get the screen pressed firmly against the window or not.

Sometimes when you put those flush clips on the window frame in situations like this, there’s too much of a gap there between it and the screen itself.  Which allows the screen to fit loosely and be able to move around and rattle.

By direct screwing it this way, it keeps that screen pushed firmly up against that window.

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