168.3605 All + Sliding & Pocket Doors

[#3605] This is a small home in Leander, Texas, that we installed eight solar screens, and we installed a sliding door, and a pocket door on. We completed this installation on Tuesday, June the 25th, 2013. We installed our solar window screens on each and every window of this home.

The home is rather small, and it only has eight windows. We put solar screens on the front, left, right, and back of the house. The back of the house is the side that faces the west. Actually, the back and the right are sides that face the west. Sometimes you have homes that will have two sides that’ll face the west. Then other times you will have homes where one side directly faces the west. In this case, the right side of the house and the back of the home both face the west. Therefore, the left side and front side face the east.

Total inches 725″, installed cost $735, (8) solar screens, (1) Sliding & (1) Pocket Door

Here, in this picture, it shows me, Josh Hobbs, putting two solar screens on. Two, 35 x 60 inch solar window screens using our 90 percent solar screen fabric on the right side of this customer’s house.

3605 (3)

Right 90%: (2)35×60

We used the black fabric with white frame on this home. The white framing was something that we chose because the trim around the house, as you can see in this picture, is white and the window framing is white. And typically with a reddish exterior brick we like to use the black fabric and sometimes we’ll use the chocolate fabric.

Here, in this picture, we have two, 35 x 60 windows. We covered them with the 80 percent solar screen fabric. This is the left side of the home. This side of the house receives the morning sun, so we used the 80 percent fabric for these windows.

3605 (4)

Left 80%;(2)35×60

This is the back of the home. We used the 90 percent solar screen fabric for the back of this house. The back of this home has two, 35 x 60s and that small 48 inch wide by 12 inch tall horizontal sliding window, that likely feeds into the bathroom.

3605 (5)

Back 90%: (2)35×60, 48×12
Back Sliding Screen Door 90% $130 ea.
Back Pocket Screen Door 90% $130 ea.

Now, there on the back porch. You will see that there is a sliding door and a pocket for the sliding door. On my website under my Questions and Answers page. I quite clearly illustrate, with an animated image, what it looks like to see the sliding door and pocket door in action. Please go to the Questions and Answers page and take a look.



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