167.3601 Choc/Tan 1852″ $1081 (18)

[#3601] We installed solar window screens for this customer on June the 24, 2013. The customer’s home is in South Austin. We used the chocolate solar screen fabric with tan solar screen framing. We installed a total of 18 solar screens. The installation cost for this customer was $1081.

Total inches 1852″, installed cost $1081, (18) solar screens

We put solar screens on the front, right, back and left sides of the home. The customer used our 90 percent solar screen fabric for the left side of the home. The customer did not put solar screens on every window of the home. They left off the windows around the front door.

You’ll see here by this picture showing the front of the home, you can barely see it but there around the front door there’s a window over the door and a window to the left of the front door of which the customer did not put a solar window screen on either of those two windows.

3601 (3)

Front 80%: (2-1/2 arches)35×83, 35×71

Also, the customer did not put solar screens on the right side of the home. They left off the bathroom window on the right side of the home.  Here in this picture above we have two half arched windows. They are sized at 35×83 each.  The 83″ is the maximum height so when you do your estimate sheet, you always use the maximum height for that window. For these two windows, the maximum height there is right there at where the two windows meet (come together).  If you are looking at the left side window, it’s not the left side of the screen but it’s the right side of the screen.

The maximum height for each of these two windows 83 inches. These two windows are calculated at 35×83 and then the window to the right there is a 35×71 window. Sometimes people will get confused and they will measure those two half arches as one big arched window. It is not, it is two half arches.

You can tell by looking at them that there are two distinct half arched windows mounted next to each other. They each open, and you can see where the join together.  Each window requires its own solar screen so that’s two half arched windows.

This picture here shows the back of a home. There on the left side facing the house you’ll see two 47x59s. Then, on the back patio you have a 47×71 with a half circle that you can’t see because of that tree there. To the right of that you’ve got a door. The customer DID NOT put a solar screen on the door.  Then to the right there you’ve got a what looks like a kitchen area or maybe a breakfast area. You’ve got some 35/59s there and another 47/59 in the middle.

3601 (5)

Back 80%: (3)47×59, (2)35×71, 47×71, 1/2 circle 47×25, (2)35×59

Here on the left side of the house (shown below), you have two 47×71, 90 percent solar screens. Then you’ve got a half circle 47×25 solar window screen centered directly in the middle over those two 47x71s.

Now, I want you to look at the picture and you can see how tight and look how well made and how well installed these solar window screens are. Everything lines up. The tops of them line up. The fabric is nice and tight.  The fabric is not wavy. All over town, I look at people’s installations and I am appalled by how bad they are. They are so poorly done. Their screens are poorly fabricated and they are poorly put on these houses. Look at this installation here. Look at these three windows. Look how clean and look how nice that looks.

That’s what you get consistently from JoshHobbs.com.

3601 (6)

Left 90%: (2)47×71, 1/2 circle 47×25.  Fixed solar shades for windows.

This picture here is showing the right side of the home. The customer chose to leave that bathroom 48×48 inch square window uncovered. I really wish this customer would have chose to put a solar screen on that window.

I hear quite often from people, “Yeah but it’s a bathroom window. I don’t need a solar screen for my bathroom window.” Well, if you don’t, it looks like this and if this was my home, I wouldn’t even had have given not doing so a second thought. I would have put a solar screen on that bathroom window.

3601 (4)

Right 80%: 47×59, (2)23×71

For this bathroom window I would have liked to have seen this customer put a solar screen on it. My thought is if you would want privacy during the day. Sure, you could see through the solar shades at night, but during you would still have great privacy for that bathroom window. Also I’m not a big fan of leaving a window uncovered like this. I think it looks better for consistency if all the windows are covered.

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