166.3600 Choc/Tan 1816″ $1063 (19)

[#3600]  This is a solar screen installation we did in Buda, Texas. We completed this installation on Monday, June the 24th 2013. The customer had us install a total of 19 solar screens. We used the chocolate solar screen fabric with tan frame. We put 80 percent solar screens on the front, right and some of the back windows.

The back windows that we used the 80 percent solar screens for are the windows under their patio. On the left side and the rest of the back of the home we used the 90 percent solar window screen fabric.

Total inches 1816″, installed cost $1063, (19) solar screens

This following picture is of the front of the home. Here on the front of this home we used the 80 percent solar screen fabric. We installed a total of six solar screens. The customer had six windows. We covered each and every window to include the dormer and side light windows.

The window there to the right of the front door, that small 10 inch by 70 inch window, that’s called a side light window, and that window got a solar screen. The window there over the garage, that’s what’s called a dormer window, it goes into the attic and it also correctly received a solar screen.

3600 (3)

Front 80%: 22×34, 34×47, 34×58, 10×70, (2)34×70

The customer accurately chose to put a solar screen over that dormer window. I warn people all the time, that try to leave dormer windows uncovered, not to do so, that doing so will not look good. Imagine what this home would have looked like if that dormer window was left un-covered.

With a solar screen on that dormer window, the front of this home looks complete. It looks finished, not un-finished. It all looks the same. It would have looked bad had that that dormer window not been covered with a solar screen. Not to mention, the attic receives sun through that window.  If you didn’t have a solar screen on that dormer window, then the attic gets that much warmer from the heat of the sun getting in through that window.

By shading the Dormer window you’re,
A ‑ Making it look better.
B ‑ You are not allowing the sun to get into the attic to add heat to the attic. So, it’s a win-win.
C – And, generally the dormer windows are small, so the added cost is minimal.

3600 (4)

Right 80%: (2)34×70, 34×58

This is the left side of this solar screens Buda TX home (below picture). This left side of the home faces west. Therefore, we used the 90 percent solar screen fabric for this left side. There are two windows on the second floor. Those two side by side 34×58 windows.

You see there in front of those two windows a satellite dish, that little satellite dish. I’m always real careful when I am on my ladder with screens in hand to not touch those satellite dishes.  Very careful.

Someone that’s not careful that goes and touches that satellite dish and bumps it will cause reception problems for you inside, as the dish will not be aligned correctly.  So, I am always aware when I work around a dish to make sure I do not disturb its positioning. Very careful.

Left 90%: (2)34x58, (2)34x70, 46x58. A very happy solar window screens Buda Texas customer.

Left 90%: (2)34×58, (2)34×70, 46×58. A very happy solar window screens Buda Texas customer.

This is the back of the house. The (2) 34×70 windows there to the right. Those are done in a 90 percent fabric because that corner there of the home gets the west afternoon sun. Now, the windows underneath the patio, to include the patio door, the customer didn’t feel like they got enough sun to warrant the 90 percent fabric, so the customer chose to use the 80 percent fabric for the windows under the patio.

3600 (6)

Back 80% under patio: (2)34×70, door 23×65
Back 90%: (2)34×70

This customer could have used an exterior roll down shade for his patio to shade his patio.  The roll down shade is to be used as a temporary means of shade. The price would have been under $300 for us to have made one for him and installed it at the time we installed his solar screens.  And, we could have made the roll shade screen the same color and fabric as the solar screens. A porch blind would have given him an immense amount of shade for that back porch.

Now, I applaud this customer for putting a solar screen on that back patio door. Look, how clean it looks, look how clean this picture looks. the look is consistent.

It’s not like there’s a solar screen here, and not one there, but there is another one there. It’s consistent. The back of this home has a solar screen on each and every one of these windows to include the back patio door. It looks good.


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