165.3598 Black/White 1010″ $661 (12)

[#3598]  This is a black fabric with white frame installation, using the 80 percent black fabric for nine of the twelve Austin TX solar screens. We installed this solar screen installation on June 25th, 2013. The home is located in Leander, Texas.

We put solar window screens on the front, right, and back sides of the home. For the front of the home, we used the 90 percent solar screen fabric. On the right and back sides of the home, we used the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

Total inches 1010″, installed cost $661, (12) solar screens

Here in this picture, you will see the right side of the house. There’s a 47×47 and a 23×35 window. That 47×47 window, that’s what we call a horizontal sliding window, it slides from left to right.

3598 (3)

Right 80%: 47×47, 23×35. Austin solar screens

In the following picture, it shows the back of the home. Here, on the back of the home, we have a 71×47 horizontal sliding window that’s illustrated there on the left-hand side. Then on the back patio we have a 35×59. And then, he put a solar screen over the back patio door. That’s a 23×65 window.

3598 (4)

Back 80%: 71×47, 35×59, door 23×65, (4)23×59.  solar screens Austin TX windows

Now, this customer has a storm door and we put a solar screen over the inside swing out door. We did not put the solar screen on the storm door. We put it on the door that swings inward from inside your home. So, when you walk up to the door from inside your home it’s that first door that you come to.  It that’s the door that was provided for you with the home, that’s where we put the solar screen. Then he has a storm door which is after that. It’s the door that’s between that swing out door and the outside.  So, people will use storm doors as a double layer protection and also so that they can open the inside swing indoor and then allow a breeze to come through.

This is a picture of the front of the home. This side of the house faces west, so the customer used the 90 percent solar screen fabric here on the front.

3598 (5)

Front 90%: 12×71, 1/2 circle 35×18, 35×59

There on the right-hand side of the picture, you’ll see a 35×59 window with a 35×18.5 circle over that window. So, what happens is, you will get a builder that will put a 35×59 inch opening window in and then that builder will install a separate half circle on top of it.  Then you have two physical windows, therefore you need two physical solar screens.

Then you have other builders, that instead of using two physical windows, they’ll install one arched window. If this builder used one arched window it would have been one 35×80 inch tall window, therefore we would have used one 35×80 solar screen.

But, here it’s two physical windows, therefore the installation required two physical solar screens.

There to the right of the front door, the guy or the customer put a solar screen there on that side light. He did not leave that side light uncovered. And I am thankful that he didn’t because it would not have looked as good. Because he put a solar screen on that side light it looks really good.

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