164.3597 Black/White 1 Story, F,R,L Sides

[#3597]  This is a black 80 percent solar screen project, using the white frame that we did for a customer in Cedar Park Texas. We completed this installation on Tuesday June the 25th, 2013. We installed a total of 12 solar screens, the installed cost for this customer was $688.

She put solar screens on the left, front, and right sides of her home. She did not use the 90 percent solar screen fabric for any of her windows. However, on the front of her home, she did put solar screens around her front door. You’ll see here in this picture as it shows the front of the home.

Total inches 1078″, installed cost $688, (12) solar screens

You’re going to see there are three solar screens around the front door, there’s one that goes over the front door, and then two on either side of it called sidelights. Sometimes I will get people that’ll put solar screens on those sidelights, and will leave the one over the front door undone.

3597 (4)

Front 80%: 71×12, (2)12×83, 47×71, 1/2 circle 47×24

What I hear from people quite often that do that is, “We don’t get sun in that window.” You don’t get sun in that window, however to aesthetically appear better, for it to look it’s best, I highly recommend that you do put a solar screen over that window that’s on top of your front door.

There to the right, on the front of this house, you’ve got a 47×71 inch window that opens up and down. On top of that window, there’s a half circle window that’s mounted, that’s top mounted to the 47×71 opening window. It’s a 47/20 half‑circle. That’s two windows.

If there was not a half‑circle mounted, if that was one big arched window, and you’ll know when you look at the window, you’ll see that there’s a break separating the bottom window from the top window. It’s quite obvious. If it was one piece of glass, then it’s would be one arched window. Thus one arched solar screen.  Here, it’s quite clear that it’s two windows, therefore it takes two solar window screens.

This picture below shows the right side of the customer’s home. Sometimes people will try to leave off that little bathroom window.  That bathroom window, illustrated here, is 47×17 inch in size. It’s a small window that opens left to right. imagine what this picture would have looked like if you did not have a solar screen on that bathroom 47×17 inch window. It would look incomplete and unfinished.

Here, it appropriately looks complete and finished. Also take a look at how clean and well installed, and well fitted these solar screens are. They are all square, they’re all mounted well, they look good.  There’s nothing sloppy about any of this.

3597 (5)

Right 80%: 47×17, 59×47, 35×71

This picture shows the left side of the home. There’s four windows there. Three 35×59’s mounted side-by-side, and one small 23×35 kitchen window.

3597 (3)

Left 80%: (3)35×59, 23×35

The reason this customer did not put solar screens on the back of their home, is the back of the home faces North. The back of the home does not get any type of sun.

So the back of the home did not warrant solar window screens. Sometimes you’ll have homes, like in this situation, where the sides…Like this left side might face due west, the front side might face due south, and the right side might face due east, and then the back will face due north.

You have other homes where you’ll have the front and the right side facing West, and the left and back side facing east, that are catty‑corner to the sun. That case, you’ll put solar screens all the way around the house, but if the sides of the home are head‑on, straight‑on with north, south, west, east, then you can get away with leaving one side off and that would be your North side, if you so choose to.


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