163.3595 Black/Tan 1477″ $871 (16)

[#3595] This is a Round Rock, Texas solar window screen installation that we did for a customer on June 21, 2013. We installed a total of 16 solar window screens. We used the black solar screen fabric with white frame. The customer chose to put solar screens on all windows of their home, all 16 windows.

Total inches 1477″, installed cost $871, (16) solar screens

They chose to also use the 80 percent solar screen fabric. This customer did not use the 90 percent solar screen fabric for any of their windows

This picture here shows the left side of the home, where the customer put a solar window screen over their bathroom window.  It’s a bathroom window that’s made out of the glass blocks. We often get asked if we can put solar screens on glass blocked windows, and the answer is yes. If it is a window, we can put a solar screen over it.

3595 (7)

Left 80%: 47×46

Standing in the backyard, looking at the back of the home.  These four windows here are to the left of the sun porch. There are two 31×60 windows, and two 35×60 windows covered with 80% solar window screen fabric. One solar window screen per window.

3595 (5)

Back 80%: (2)31×60, (2)35×60

Standing in the backyard, looking at the back of the home, these four windows are to the right. There are four 80 percent black screens here. Two 31x60s and two 35x60s. Take a look to the left side of this picture (below). You’re going to see an old solar screen there. Look how bad that old solar screen looks compared to ours. Look how wavy it looks. It’s not made well. It’s constructed out of thin, three‑quarters inch bug screen framing. You’ll see how it sits in there poorly.

3595 (6)

Back 80%: (2)31×60, (2)35×60

There is no comparison to the work that we do versus what you see here. Sadly, all over town, I see brand new installations that look like what you see like that screen there to the left in this picture.

I see installations that use the wrong size of framing. I see installations that have the wrong build size for the screens. I see installations that have screens that are cock‑eyed. Screens that are not square.

I see screens put on where there’s big gaps at the top and the bottom, you name it I have seen it and I see it quite frequently. With me, with joshhobbs.com you do not have these issues. Our screens are square, they’re tight, they’re installed flawlessly.

3595 (4)

Right 80%: 48×48, 35×44

This picture here shows the front of this customer’s home, and if you will notice you will see there is a solar screen over the front door. Roughly a 35″wide by 8″ tall solar screen. We quite oftenly get asked, “Should we put a solar screen on that window, or a window like this?” my answer is always, “Yes.”

3595 (3)

Front 80%: 35×8, (3)35×72, 29×72

Imagine what this picture would have looked like, had there not been a solar screen up there? To some people, they’d be OK with it, but for me it looks unfinished, and for a small amount of money, while we’re doing all the rest of your windows, it’s just not that big of a deal to put a solar screen over that front door, and it doesn’t cost all that much.

To keep the home looking consistent, to keep the home looking good all around, it is worth it to put a solar screen over that front door.

Now, you have others that will say, “How about a solar screen for the front door?” As you can see, that’s glass there in the front door. Well, my answer to that is, “No” on the back of the home yes, on the front of the home no. It will look funny, because it is your front door.

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