162 Choc/Tan Vinyl 1385″ $892 (15)

[#3585]  The installation date for this home is June the 4th, 2013. We installed a total of 15 solar screens on the windows of this customer’s home. The house is located in South Austin. It’s off of Jack Ryan Lane.  The installation cost for this South Austin home, installing 15 solar screens totaling 1,385 inches upgrading 15 of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric was $892. The total installed cost for this project was only $892.

Total inches 1385″, installed cost $892, (15) solar screens

By taking a look at this picture here of the back of the home, you’ll see that this customer chose to put a solar screen on his back patio door. Now, imagine what this picture would have looked like if it did not have a solar screen on that back patio door.

This customer was worried about outward visibility, they were worried about being able to see through the solar screens.

The back patio door probably didn’t get all that much sun, but from a consistency standpoint,  the customer wanted to make the home look good. It would have looked odd if he had left that back covered porch patio door uncovered. But with a solar screen on that patio door, it just looks so much better on the back of this house. It looks clean and consistent.

3585 (4)

Back 90%: (7)36×60, 48×47, door 23×37, 36×42

This customer could have had a Roller Shade Screen for the Patio installed for only $301.  Our pricing for Patio Roller Shade Screens is very modest,  We could have made the Austin outdoor roller blinds out of the exact same material as the solar screens.  We still can, but now there will be a measure and installation charge of $150.

This customer chose to put solar screens on the left, right, and backside of the house. He did not put any solar screens on the front of the house because the front of the house faces due north. He does not get sun on the front of the house. What he did was, he put 90 percent solar screens on the west and east sides of the house.

The 90 percent fabric, generally we put on just the west side of the home, but he wanted to put it on the east side of the home as well. He put it on the left and the right side of the house. Then on the back of the house, he used the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

We made these solar screens out of chocolate fabric and tan frame.

3585 (5)

Left 90%: 36×60

This is a brand‑new construction home and for all brand new construction homes in Austin Texas (2014 and beyond), the homes are built using non-metal window framing.  All new construction homes are built with plastic like vinyl window framing.

We used the direct screw‑on method for installation because this customer has vinyl windows. For all windows that are vinyl windows, the only way to put the solar screens on the house, and subsequently take them off with ease, without just destroying the screens, is by direct screwing them on.

If you tried a glue or tried to use double‑sided tape, a Velcro-type tape, or anything along those lines, which other people have tried over the years, you won’t be able to get the screens off very well. It will be a problem for you. Plus, the adhesion is not great, especially in the hot sun that we get here, and at some point, the screens will come off on their own. It’s just a mess. You direct screw them on and then you just back the small screws out by hand and pull the screens off whenever you need to take them off.

3585 (3)

Right 90%: (4)36×60

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