162.3594 No Screen Back Door

[#3594] This is a solar screen installation we completed on June 8th, 2013. We’ve put solar screens on all the windows of this customer’s back side of their home. The house is located off of Red Bud Trail in Round Rock, Texas. We used the chocolate solar screen fabric with white frame.

Total inches 1181″, installed cost $752, (13) solar screens

As shown here by this picture, the customer chose to put two 80 percent solar screens on the back of the home. You’ll see the bottom left hand side of the home, there’s a 80 percent solar screen. There in the bottom right hand side, that 46 by 60, there’s the other 80 percent solar screen.

For all the other windows, the customer chose to use a 90 percent solar screens.

Back 90%: (4)35x60, (2)24x58, (4)17x60, 47x60 Back 80%: bottom left 35x60, bottom right 47x60

Back 90%: (4)35×60, (2)24×58, (4)17×60, 47×60
Back 80%: bottom left 35×60, bottom right 47×60

Now the customer did not want to put a solar screen on the back patio door.

Let me warn about not putting a solar screen on the back patio door, but putting them on all the other windows of the back of the house.

When you’re on the inside of the house, you’re going to have all these windows that are shaded and they’re going to look different than that of an unshaded back patio door.

If you’re on the inside of the house and these windows are shaded that are around the patio door, you will have all this sun come through the patio door.  Why not be consistent about it and just put a solar screen on that back patio door?

I’ve heard the argument from people so often. “Well, we have blinds in our glass. We have blinds on the inside of the door or it just isn’t needed.”

OK, but when you’re inside of your house and you’re sitting there and all these other windows are shaded and they’re darker, but then you have this one piece of glass that’s there in that door and it’s just bright, lit up from all the sun. It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t look good.  Shade all the windows so from the inside they all look the same.

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