162.3592 Missing Small Windows

[#3592] This is an installation that we completed on Friday, June 21st, 2013. We installed a total of 13 solar screens using 1,390 inches. The installation cost for this project was $910.

The back side of this home faces west. Therefore, the backside of the home is the side that the customer chose to put the 90 percent fabric on. The fabric color that we used for this house was a chocolate fabric and the framing color that we used is the white framing.

Total inches 1826″, installed cost $1192, (23) solar screens

It’s a two story home. Our pricing is the same for two stories versus one story homes. Where it becomes difficult is if it’s three stories because we do not do three stories. If I cannot get to the windows with a 28ft ladder, then I will not be able to put solar screens on windows that are over 28 feet in the air.

This is a picture of the right side of the house. See how the customer left off that small window there? He didn’t put a solar screen on that small window. He put a solar screen on the window on either side of it, but not on the small window.

3592 (4)

Right 80%: 47×47, 35×59

I am not a fan of doing this. Customers will tell us all the time, “Well, it’s such a small window we don’t get very much sun in it, or sun through the window.” OK, I can understand that.

But this is what it looks like. It just doesn’t look good. It looks like the job is unfinished. It looks like maybe there was a screen on there and someone knocked it off. It just doesn’t look complete and it doesn’t look very good to me.

The cost to put a solar screen on that small window is trivial. It’s minimal. It just doesn’t cost very much. In my opinion, you should put a solar screen on the small window.

Here’s another example.

Left 80%: 47x71

Left 80%: 47×71

This is a picture of the left side of the house. The customer put a solar screen on the large 47 by 71 inch window there on the first floor. However, the customer did not choose to put a solar screen there on that small second floor bathroom window. That little 22 by 48 inch window. To me, it looks unfinished. It looks incomplete. It doesn’t look as well as it could.

I highly recommend to you guys to put solar screens on all the windows of a side. If it’s a left side of the home and you’re going to put some solar screens on the left side of the home, then put solar screens on all the windows. It just looks so much better.

Back 90%: (2)35x59, (2)47x59, 47x47, (3)47x71, (2 archs)47x71

Back 90%: (2)35×59, (2)47×59, 47×47, (3)47×71, (2 archs)47×71

This picture is of the back of the home. The customer put 90 percent solar screens on all of these windows here. However, the customer did not choose to put a solar screen on the back patio door. You can’t tell by looking at this picture, but there’s not a solar screen on that back patio door.

Here again, this is another situation where I think it just looks odd to not have solar screens on all of the windows. Now with this picture it looks fine, but if the picture was taken from about 10 feet more to the left, you’d be able to see that back patio door. That back patio door, in my opinion, it should’ve had a solar screen on it.

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