162.3590 Media Room (23)

[#3590] This is a solar screen installation that we completed on Monday, June the 17th, 2013. We installed a total of 23 solar window screens. 1,826 inches. The fabric that we used was a 90 percent fabric. We used the 90 percent fabric for all 23 solar window screens. The framing color that we used is a Champagne frame.

Total inches 1826″, installed cost $1192, (23) solar screens

This picture here shows the back of the customer’s home. This backside of the house is the only side of the house that the customer put solar window screens on. The backside of this house faces due west. Therefore, this is the side that gets the most amount of sun, which is why he used the 90 percent fabric.

You’ll see here that he put solar screens on all of the back‑facing windows. The first floor of this home here you will see that there are some 35 by 71 windows. There’s nine 35 by 71 windows. That’s a room that’s an addition that was added to the house. It’s kind of like a media room. It’s a room where the homeowner hangs out in. It’s a room where the homeowner spends most of his time.

3590 (3)

Back 90%: (9)35×71, (4)15×57 (8)15×45

After we put the solar screens on he was so excited. He asked me to come inside and take a look, and when I went inside you could just tell that it was just considerably different. He was bragging because he was saying, “Now I’m going to be able to open my blinds and watch my TV without a glare.”

That’s one of the things you can do whenever you have the 90 percent fabric shading the glass. Is that you can open the blinds because now you’re shading the glass from the outside with the solar window screens. The glass isn’t getting hot and the sun is not getting into the room.

Whenever we drove over to this guys house to measure his windows, he initially just wanted these nine, 35 by 71 windows. He wasn’t really all that interested in putting solar screens on the second floor windows, or any of these other windows on the first floor. This was what his primary concern was and he asked us to give him a price to put the solar screen on all the rest of the windows.

The installed price was so nominal that he chose to do all the windows. He made the right decision. So often people do not use the second floor of their home, like this customer here.  He is a single man, and he said he rarely ever goes up to that second floor.

He didn’t feel that there was a need to put solar screens on that second floor. Because the cost wasn’t all that much, he figured he might as well go ahead and do it. He made the right decision. As you can see by these pictures here it (A) looks best and (B) whenever he does have guests up there, the air conditioner is not going to struggle to keep those rooms cool.

3590 (4)

Back 90%: (2)15×37

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