161 Burglar Bars

[#3584]  This is a home in Austin, Texas, off of Carshalton Drive, that we installed 13 solar windows screens on. We did this installation on June 4th, 2013. We installed solar screens on all of the windows of this customer’s home. We used the black solar screen fabric with brown frame. The installation cost for this job was $784.

Total inches 1321″, installed cost $784, (13) solar screens

3584 (8)

Front 80%: (4)35×71

The customer upgraded a total of five windows on the home to the 90% fabric. The customer upgraded the four windows on the front of the home, and the one window on the left‑hand side of the home tot he 90% fabric.

3584 (9)

Left 90%: 70×48

When we got to this house the customer already had someone else attempt to put solar screens on this house. The solar screens were poorly installed and they just looked horrible. I don’t know who they used, it might of been some kind of handyman, I don’t know and I did not ask.

But it just looked like they were really poorly built and poorly fastened screens.

3584 (10)

Back 80%: 23×35, 95×47, (2)47×59, 23×35

On the back of the home, there is a unique window there. It’s a very large, sliding window. You have a center part of the window that does not open and you got the left and the right side of the window that actually opens.

So it’s one window that opens from two different directions. The opening portion of the window slides left and right. On that window there, we were able to build one large solar screen for it, and we put two brace bars. We put the vertical brace bars. For each of the brace bars, we positioned them over the break in the windows to conceal them from the inside of the house.

So where the sliding part and the non‑sliding part come together, we put the brace bar over that to conceal it from the inside so you wouldn’t be able to see that bar. That gave that solar screen all that it needed for strength to firmly hold it in place so that it would look good over the years and the fabric wouldn’t get wavy.

Now you do, or we do come occasionally across homes with these burglar bars as you’ll see here in the back of the house. Generally when there’s burglar bars, it’s very difficult to get a solar screen behind the burglar bars onto a window. In this case, we were able to do it.

The burglars bar were mounted so that we were able to slide a solar screen behind them. This one was not difficult. If you do have burglar bars, please be aware that it might be difficult to get to the windows and we may not be able to.

If we can’t get a full side solar screen onto a window like that, and it’s a window that opens up and down, or to the left and right as a horizontal sliding window does. Then what we can do is, we can build one solar screen for the opening portion and then one solar screen for the non‑opening portion. Generally if you break it up so it’s not one large solar screen, you’ll be able to fit two smaller solar screens through the metal work of your burglar bars.

What happens then is that you have to pay for the price of two solar screens versus the price of one solar screen. Which turns out to be on your price sheet two windows.

3584 (11)

Right 80%: 72×47, 35×35, 72×48

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