159 Black/Brown 1307″ $781 (15)

[#3587] On June, the 5th, 2013, we completed this installation for this North Austin customer. It’s a total of 1,307 inches. We used the black solar screen fabric with brown frame. We installed 15 solar screens.

Total inches 1307″, installed cost $781, (15) solar screens


3582 (3)

Front 80%: (2)34×71, (2)34×47

We put the solar screens on every window of this customer’s home.

3582 (4)

Left 90%: (2)35×59

This lady inquired about our Austin commercial roll shades for office windows, as she said it was too bright at her office.  I gave her pricing, but here company didn’t end up getting them for her.  Too bad, as our roller shades commercial Austin work is very nice, and our pricing is really good.  I think the installed price I gave her was only around $300.

3582 (5)

Back 80%: 23×59, 35×59, door 29×68, (2)31×59, (2)31×71

These windows allowed us to use our pop‑in solar screen installation method, meaning there were lip provisions at the top of the window and at the bottom of the window to hold these full size solar screens in place.

3582 (6)

Right 80%: 59×47, 47×23

3582 (7)

This is a horizontal sliding window (window that slides from left to right), and it is a pop-in window.  This particular horizontal sliding window has a dividing bar that goes down the middle of the window which creates problems for putting a full sized solar screen on a window like this.  There’s not that much room at the top of that bar or the bottom to slide the framing into.  And, that bar sits right where we would put the needed vertical brace bar.  What we do is build screens for windows like this out of 3/4″ framing, so that the screen can fit into the window.  And, once installed, then I position the vertical bar  as close to the dividing bar as I can so that you do not see it from inside.  These windows are not that common, but rest assure that when come across them, we know what to do.

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