156 Choc/Champ 1781″ $1110 (22)

[#3577] This is a solar window screen job we did for a customer in South Austin. We used a chocolate solar window screen fabric with champagne framing. The window framing for this customer’s home was made using the champagne color, so we used our champagne solar screen framing. We installed 22 solar window screens for a total of 1,781 inches.

Total inches 1781″, installed cost $1110, (22) solar screens

The customer used quite a few 90 percent solar window screens and only a handful of the 80 percent.

3577 (4)

Front 80%: above garage 46×16
Left 90%: 34×71, 47×17, (3)34×72
Left 80%: (2)10×10

We met this customer while we were doing a roll shades commercial Austin TX project at his downtown office.

On the front of the home, the customer had us put 90 percent solar screens on all of the windows. On the left side of the home, the customer had us put 90 percent solar screens for the four larger windows, not the two smaller windows as shown in the picture above.

3577 (3)

Front 90%: 22×46, 34×34, 16×72

On the back of the home, the customer had us put 90 percent solar screens on those three windows shown in this picture, and the back patio door.

3577 (13)

Back 90%: (2)34×71, 34×72, door 23×37

This is a rather small opening for one of our porch shades, but neither the less we could have provided outdoor blinds for this porch if the homeowner wanted.

On the right side of the home, the customer had us put 90 percent solar screens on the larger windows, all the 34×74 windows, but not the small 22×10 inch windows.

3577 (7)

Right 90%: (2)34×71, (3)34×72
Right 80%: (2)22×10

These windows did not allow for a pop‑in solar screen installation. The solar screens required  surface mounting, we used our die‑cast metal turn clips to hold the solar screens in place (up against the windows). There’s no additional charge to use these die‑cast metal turn clips. It is part of our low installed pricing that everybody gets to take advantage of, that is openly published on our website.

3577 (11)

Now, this home was complicated because the second floor windows were really difficult to reach or I should say some of them were difficult to reach because the slope of the ground was significant, which made it really hard to get to some of them. Then, once you got to them, you had to put those turn clips on.

3577 (12)It took time to do this installation, however, the customer benefited by our low pricing being that she got the same installed pricing as all other installations get.  Some jobs are hard and they take much longer to do, while others are very easy, but they are all priced the same, based on quantity.

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