155 Choc/Brown 3676″ $2231 (40)

[#3575] In Austin, Texas. We completed this solar screen installation for this customer on June 6, 2013. It included a installation of 40 solar window screens. We put a solar window screen over each and every window of this customer’s home.

Total inches 3676″, installed cost $2231, (40) solar screens

3575 (11)

Right 90%: (3)35×71, 46×82, 59×47, door 23×65, (3)22×22, (3)35×83

The customer used the chocolate fabric with brown solar screen framing as the window framing of this home was brown, so we matched it with the brown solar screen framing.

3575 (12)

Left 90%: (3)22×22, 35×71, (2)17×55, 35×83, 46×10

Now, this was a odd, or rare I should say, installation. This customer was one of the rare people that wanted the 90 percent fabric for each and every window of his home. We recommend the 90% solar screen fabric for the West facing windows that receive 4 hours or more of sun and the 80% solar screen fabric for all of the other windows. He wanted all the windows wrapped in the 90 percent fabric. As you can see, this home gets absolutely no shade, so it is out there in the sun all day long. It gets an immense amount of sun.

Sometimes the sides of the home do not particularly face the West or East dead on.  Sometimes the back of a person’s home faces due West, but other times the back and the right side both face due West.  That was the case with this home, the front and right side face West and the back and left side face East.  The customer for sure wanted the 90% for the front and right side because those sides face West and he felt that he got so much morning sun through the large East facing windows, the back and left side, and those windows are so large and he quite a few, that he felt he might as well put the 90% fabric on those windows as well.

3575 (13)

Back 90%: (3)29×71, (3)35×83, door 23×81, (5)29×83

We recommended the 90 percent solar screens for the west facing windows,
but this customer wanted the 90 percent for all of his windows,
so that’s what we did for him.

3575 (15)

Front 90%: 22×46, (3)17×47, arch 54×34, 10×82, (2-1/2 arches)35×83


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