154 Choc/White 891″ $602 (10)

*[#3572] This is a Kyle, Texas, solar screen installation that we did on May 29, 2013. We installed a total of 10 solar screens using the 90% chocolate solar screen fabric with white frame. The total inches for this job was 891 inches.

Total inches 891″, installed cost $602, (10)  solar screens

3572 (3)

Front 90%: 47×60

This home belongs to an employee of the State that I met while doing a Commercial Roller Shades Austin Texas project for the state at one of their county buildings.

The customer upgraded all 10 of his solar screens to the 90 percent fabric.  When customers want to upgrade all their screens to the 90% fabric, generally they are night shift workers and during the day they sleep, therefore they want their home during the day to be as dark as they can make it.  When we do work for night shift workers, we are very considerate of the fact that they are inside sleeping, therefore we are very quiet outside while we work.

3572 (4)

Left 90%: (2)35×60

This order qualified for the 15 percent off quantity discount. This customer put solar screens on each and every window of his home to include the back patio door.

3572 (5)

Right 90%: 35×60, 47×48

The back patio door has a storm door on it, so the customer could have put a solar screen on the storm door (in most cases we can do this, but prefer to put the solar screen on the swing out door), but he chose to put one over the window of the door itself. It’s a swing‑out door.

3572 (6)

Back 90%: (3)35×60, 23×36, door 23×37

The swing‑out door is the original door that came with the home. He added the storm door after he purchased the home, so for the swing‑out door that came with the home we built a small 23×36 inch solar screen for it.   When we come by your home and you want a solar screen for your swing out door and you have a storm door, remember to leave that storm door unlocked for us so we can get to the swing out door to measure it.  Is ay this because so very often customers will want us to measure the window for the swing out door, but they leave the storm door locked so we can not get to it.

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