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*[#3569] This is a solar window screen installation we did for a home in Dripping Spring, Texas off of Sawyer Ranch Road. It encompassed us building 17 solar window screens totaling 1,533 inches. The solar window screen installation was completed on Monday, June 10, 2013.

17 solar window screens, 1,533 inches.  Installation cost $997

It involved 17 solar window screens, 1,533 inches. The installation cost was $997. We installed the solar window screens on the left, front, and right side of this customer’s home.

You see there on the second floor over the front porch, there are two dormer windows, and then on the right‑hand side of the front there is an arched window that goes into the garage.

We often get asked by customers whether they should put solar screens on those kinds of windows because they feel that it’s not necessary.  They don’t feel that it’s necessary to put a solar screen on the window for the garage and for the dormer windows.

3569 (4)

Front 80%: 29×53, (4)35×72, (2)23×72, 31×72, arch 79×35, (2)24×35, 35×48, 23×48, arch 35×60. 14 solar screens, 2 arches. All windows covered on the front of home. The home looks best by not leaving a window uncovered on the front of the home. Notice that we did not put a solar screen on the front door, because we do not recommend doing so, it would detract from the look of that pretty front door.   The arched window on the right is for the garage.  The customer did not need a solar screen for that window, however he put one on that window door uniformity, so that the front of the home looks good (looks it’s best).

I am not a fan of leaving any of your windows on the front of your home uncovered. Imagine what this picture here would have looked like if it had not had solar screens on all of these front  windows.

3569 (5)

Right side of home. 23″x48″ & 48″x48″, 80% Fabric

Plus, the dormer windows that lead into the attic allow a lot of heat to get into the attic.  They get sun. Therefore, that heat goes into the attic. You want to keep the attic as cool as you possibly can. This is one more way that you can achieve that, by shading the dormer windows, by keeping the sun from getting into the attic.

Ideally, you just want the front of your home to look clean and consistent like the
front of this home here does.

Left side of the home. 35"x72", 23"x48" 80% Fabric.

Left side of the home. 35″x72″, 23″x48″ 80% Fabric.  The customer oddly left the far left window uncovered shown in this picture.  He should have covered that window so all these windows on this side of the house was covered to look its best.

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