147 White Windows Champagne Frame

*[#3560]  Georgetown, Texas off of Williams and Shell Road, we completed this solar screen installation on May 7, 2013. It involved us installing nine chocolate solar screens with the champagne framing.

The total inches for this job was 970 inches. The install cost was $600.

If you can tell by looking at these pictures, we installed these solar screens made out of champagne framing installed on white framed windows.

3560 (3)

Front of home. These solar screens were made out of our Champagne colored framing to match the exterior trim of the home. The match is beautiful, it looks really good. The window frames themselves are white. We all the time get asked the question “how will champagne framed solar screens look on top of my white windows”, and this home is a perfect illustration of just that.

We often get asked what it looks like to put solar screens on white window frames, and this is a fine illustration here showing you just that.

3560 (4)

Back of Home. In this picture I was adding center clips to hold the screen better in to the window frame. This was a pop-in mount installation, meaning there are lip provisions at the top and bottom of the window, however the bottom lip provisions were a little small, so I added center clips as an extra precaution to make sure the solar screens would be better held in to place.  If I remotely think the solar screen would ever come out on it own, I will mount clips like this.  In case of strong winds, it’s important that the wind can not get behind the screen and pull the screen out.

Sometimes you can see quite a bit of the white window frame protruding through, and then sometimes you cannot. In this situation, you couldn’t see too much of the white window frame. That champagne frame for the solar screen fabric really looks good. It accentuates the solar screen, and it ties in exceptionally well with the exterior of this home.

3560 (5)

Left side of home, illustrating two sets of side-by-side windows.

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