146 Vinyl Windows Weather Stripping

*[#3558]  In Georgetown, Texas, within the Sun City subdivision, we completed this Georgetown TX Solar Window Screen installation on Friday, June 7, 2013.

3558 (12)

Right side of Georgetown Texas Home. Illustrating 3 sets of side-by-side vinyl windows.

We installed a total of 10 of our solar window screens, 916 inches.

3558 (13)

Left side of home.

3558 (11)

Back of home. Customer did not put solar screens on the 3 windows under the patio, as they were building an enclosed patio structure, so those particular 3 windows did not need solar screens. The enclosed patio was completed in early 2014, and the company that did the work used 4 horizontal sliding windows and a glass windowed door, so in the Summer of 2014 after the patio work was completed, the customer called us back out to their home to put solar screens on the 4 sliding windows and the door.

We install quite a few of our Patio Roller Shades for patios just like this in the Sun City subdivision.  A 13′ wide Austin TX patio shade would have worked for this space and would have cost $433 had we put it up the day we put up the solar screens.  The exterior blind would have provided a lot of temporary, as needed, shade for this patio.  For when the homeowner needed/wanted it.

The solar screen installation involved us direct screwing solar screens to the vinyl windows.   All vinyl windows require the solar window screens to be direct screwed to the vinyl window framing.

 3558 (3) 3558 (4)

For these particular kind of side-by-side vinyl windows, as shown here, the top of the window frame and the bottom of the window frame were elevated.  (click on any of these pictures to see a larger zoomed in hi-resolution view)

 3558 (6) 3558 (5)

They were at a different height than the sides of the windows. What we did for this customer is that we put this weather stripping in between the solar screen framing and the vinyl window framing. (click on any of these pictures to see a larger zoomed in hi-resolution view)

3558 (7) 3558 (8)

That weather stripping allowed for a really nice seal to be made.  (click on any of these pictures to see a larger zoomed in hi-resolution view)

3558 (10) 3558 (9)

We will take every precaution and make every attempt to make our solar screen installations as perfect as we possibly can. This home (this installation) is an example of just that.

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